Warhammer RP (see new and improved thread)

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    • Warhammer RP (see new and improved thread)

      I am currently rather enthralled (possibly the right word? Too lazy to google) with Total War: Warhammer, and some of the lore behind it. I noticed, scrolling around the map of NWE, it would make a good setting for a Warhammer RP. So, I made up a very detailed rule set for this round, which will start whenever I get enough people to join.
      I know that this is a long post. If you are interested in my RP but not in reading everything, just read the paragraph abaout te races, vassalisation, and the empire paragraph, jsut to get an idea of what this is all about, then comment in the comment section, and I''l figure out something for you.
      (I am using this map
      as reference)

      There are 8 different "races": Empire, Bretonnia, Chaos, Greenskins, Dwarves, Southern realms, Kislev, and Skaven, each with their own rules on solders, diplomacy, expansion, and winning, based on what I know of the lore. If a faction has 'won" by the rules of this RP but not with the required VPs, that faction can just start colonising untilt he required VPs are attained while the RP continues. You'll see what I mean.

      A thing I have added to this round is vassalisation. Two players give each other share map. One of them agrees to pay the other player one unit or up to 7 thousand recourses (all resources combined, not 7,000 of each resource) (including money) a day. In return, the other player agrees to protect his vassal. The vassal, however, must not ally or go to war with any faction unless his/her liege agrees. If on player has multiple vassals, he /she cannot extract a unit or 7,000 recources from all of them. The amount of total recources that can be extracted from all vassals combined increases by 1,000 per vassal, to a maximum of 12,000, and the number of units increases by 1 every 3 vassals, to a maximum of 3 units per day.No single vassal, however, can be forced to pay more than 7,000 recources or 1 unit per day. Either player can break the treaty at any time.

      The Empire. Very much based off of the HRE (Holy Roman Empire), this is one of the most powerful Warhammer factions, yet also the most divided. The Palatinate, Bavaria, Bohemia, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Poland, The Teutonic Order, and Brandenburg are Empire provinces. Pomerania, Silesia, an all the little AIs in Germany are for you to do with as you please, but the one for all all for one (see below) applies if non empire factions try to take them. ARMY COMPOSITION: Light ships, Ship of the lines, Empire factions are allowed to use Light infantry, light cavalry, light artillery, royal guard, modern infantry, modern cavalry, and modern artillery, in an attempt to showcase their strong, all round army that comprises fairly cheap and weak units such as swordsmen, spearmen, and bowmen, as well as their powerful and innovative units such as Greatswords, Hellstorm Rocket batterys, and Demygriph knights. EXPANSION: They can conquer new territories as normal except they must build universities in all level 8 or above provinces they capture off of other "good Human" factions (Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev, Southern Realms). The empire cannot colonise. DIPLOMACY: All empire provinces are vassals to the emperor in "Reikland" (the Palatinate). They have no obligations to each other, however, and may war as they please, the emperor being powerless to stop them, though he (for rp's sake, the emperor is Karl Franz) may join in the war or use his vassalising powers punishingly. The empire has an all for one, one for all mechanic, so that if any empire province is attacked by a non empire province, all others must declare war on the agressor, wether or not they actually send aid, even if they are at war with the attacked province. If the empire province was the agressor the all for one does not trigger. Any province, other than the current emperor, may withdraw at any time, which frees them from having to pay vassalizing tribute and also means that they are no longer protected by or obligated to the all for one one for all. They are still held to the same army comp though. They can rejoin later, if the emperor accepts them. "Marienburg" (the Netherlands) is an empire province that has withdrawn. If a "good human" player controls Amsterdam (representing Marienburg city),they must make sure that the port there is at the maximum level that is currently researchable. It is possible for another empire province to become the emperor. Conquer "Altdorf" (worms) and builds a university or their capital in it. You are the new emperor, and have all the powers I described above. If a non empire province faction owns Altdorf for more than three days, then the highest level capital city of an empire province is the new capital of the empire, and it's owner is the new empeor. WINNING: For an empire faction to win, it must hold the title of emperor, hold Amsterdam, have more VPs than all Bretonnian factions put together (they are rivals), and have united the empire, either by holding the original capitals of all the empire provinces, or by vassalizing the empire factions that have them. If a non empire faction controls one of the original capitals, the win is not complete. Chaos and the Greenskins must be destroyed. Bonus points if Bretonnia, Dwarves, and Kislev Survive.

      Bretonnia-a land of chivalry and a worse wage gap than the US. Scotland, England, France, Burgundy, and Toulouse are Bretonnian dukedoms. Brittany, Normandy, Guyenne, Bearn, Provence, Wales, Cornwall, and the Irish factions are for you to dowith as you please, but the one for al all forone applies if non Bretonnia tries to take them. ARMY COMP: Bretonnian factions can use light infantry, colonial artillery, and any cavalry unit, and light ships. I know that Trebuchets are pretty powerful, but for balance I'm only making them colonial. For the sake of balance, for the sake of balance. EXPANSION: Same Expansion rules as the empire. DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy between Bretonnian factions works the same as diplomacy between empire factions, except that the king resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bretonnia is friends with the Empire, neutral with Dwarves, Kislev, and Southern Realms, and Despises all others. WINNING: Be the king of Brettonia, unite Bretonnia (same as uniting the empire, except Bretonia), make sure chaos and skaven are dead. Bonus points if the empire survives.

      Chaos: THE WORLD WILL BURN! Sweden and Norway are Chaos hordes. You must conquer Finland, Sami, Gotland, and Mariehiem. You are allowed to make these into core provinces. ARMY COMP: All colonial units, Heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, Mercenary Infantry, Mercenary Cavalry galleys. EXPANSION: Chaos are one of only 2 races allowed to colonise. Each chaos faction may have up to twenty colonies. This is to make up for the fact that they are not allowed to upgrade provinces to non core, wether they are colonies or occupied provinces, because they are intent on destroying the world, not conquering it. They may not begin their invasion of the old world (all non chaos factions) until day fifteen, and cannot be invaded until then. However, they are allowed to make raids, whereby they send up to five colonial infantry into the lands of other factions, and attempt to take a coastal province. If they suceed, they must immediatly withdraw back to "Norsca" (Scandinavia) and the raided faction must pay them 1 tenth of that provinces recourse and tax production (to represent what was stolen in the raid). Other factions may do the same to chaos. When the fifteen day mark is up, Chaos may invade the world, and the world may invade chaos, though no chaos territories may become core provinces of non chaos nations-the corruption is just too strong-and chaos may not upgrade occupied provinces into non cores-they must remain destroyed. Also, for every level eight or above province captured, another colony may be settled, but onyl by the chaos faction that captured it. DIPLOMACY: Sweden and Norway are allowed to fight each other, but they are also allowed to destroy the world together. They cannot, however, ally with any non chaos factions. they can agree with the skaven and greenskins not to kill each other, but no share map or ROW. They also may not use the global market. WINNING: Chaos must destroy all Kislev, Empire, and Brettonia factions. Bonus points if the Dwarves and southern Realms die. If you guys win, you can just keep destroying the world. I think Chaos needs some really good players.....Also, if chaos loses all settlements in Europe, and all they have left are colonies in America or Africa or russia or something, then chaos is counted as dead in terms of winning. Be careful though, they may come back....

      Greenskins-messy and warlike orcs and goblins, who happen to be big green chickens when they actually start fighting. The Ottomans, Mamluk, Morroco, Irfiqui;dioabnldhbjljhfkad,fmna, and Muscovy are Greenskin tribes. ARMY COMP: Colonial infantry, light infantry, heavy infantry, light artillery, and heavy cavalry. No warships. EXPANSION: Greenskins may conquer dwarven provinces as normal (all the AIs in africa, Russia, Arabia, Anatolia, and the middle east count), and upgrade them to core provinces. However, they may only upgrade provinces they capture from Humans into non core. They also are not allowed to build any building, other than barracks, up to more than level 1 (they can repair buildings above that level though) and are not allowed to level up any of their provinces beyond level four. It is very important for these guys to capture already upgraded provinces. DIPLOMACY: They don't really like anyone, even each other, too much, but they despise the empire, dwarves, and southern realms. They cannot use the global market (they'd sooner kill you than trade), though they are allowed to ally with each other. WINNING: Make sure the empire is dead and the original capitals of all dwarf holds are in greenskin hands. Kill all dwarves. Be the most powerful greenskin tribe. Bonus points if Chaos, Brettonia, Kislev, and the southern Realms are dead.

      Dwarves-a bunch of bearded Tyrrion Lannisters. No spoilers please, I'm only just starting book 2. Crimea, Lithuania, Hejaz, and Ukraine are dwarf holds. If the factions surrounding Switzerland would each take a province and then give it to one of the Dwarven factions, can be all the same dwarf hold or all different ones, I would be much obliged. Also, if a dwarhold could find some way to gethol d karelia, wehter through conquest of province transfer, I would also be obliged. there is a dwarven realm up near the realms of Chaos. ARMY COMP: Heavy infantry, mercenary infantry, any artillery. Heavy ships. EXPANSION: Any newly aquired provinces that are not mountains or hills cannot be upgraded into a core province until a fortress lvl 1 has been built there. If you capture a territory with a fortress in it, make sure it is fully repaired. Each dwarfhold may colonise up to ten regions in russia, arabia, and northern Africa combined. They can capture more, which will not contribute to the number they can still colonize. Any dwarfhold that owns sevastopal (barrack var) must make sue that the port there is upgraded the the maximum level possiblely researchable at the moment. DIPLOMACY: They get along reasonably well with each other. They like the empire and are kinda ish friendly towards the other "good human" factions. They despise chaos, greenskins, and skaven, WINNING: Unite the Karaz Ankor by retaking all fallen dwarfholds from the greenskins (capture all lands that belonged to greenksin tribes) and owning the capitals of all the original dwarfholds, or by vassalising those dwarfholds that do. If a non dwarfhold holds one of the original capitals, the win is not complete. Empty the great book of grudges by making sure than any faction that ever beat a dwarfhold in a war has also been beaten.

      The Southern Realms: While the empire has to deal with the forces of Chaos, Tilea, Estalia, and the border princes must keep the greenskins out of the empire. Portugal, Castille, Aragon, (Estalian kingdoms) Naples, (Tilea) Serbia, and Bulgaria (Border Principalities) are Southern Realms. ARMY COMP: Mercenary units and light infantry only. Galleys. EXPANSION: Any captured province of level 6 or above must have a colonial office built in it to be upgrade to a core province. I pulled that out of no where just so thigns will be balanced, since everyone else has an expansion handicap. DIPLOMACY: Estalian and Tilean factions aren't big fans of any of the other three. The border princes are kind of friendly towards the empire. None of them like chaos and they all despise greenskins. Everyone else is pretty meh in their opinion. WINNING: Conquer or vassalise all of your fellow southern realms, make sure there are no greenskins in Europe (as in, they must all either be south of the mediteranean/black sea, in anatolia, or east of Warsaw), make sure that Chaos has not taken "Aldorf" or made it into the Balkans, Italy, or Iberia.

      Kislev-a cold northern realm on the borders of chaos. Novgorod is Kislev. It is recommended that you conquer the baltic states. ARMY COMP: Light Cavarly, Light infantry, Light artillery, Heavy cavalry. Light ships. EXPANSION: Kislev can turn chaos regions into core provinces the only non chaos faction allowed to do so. Only after day 15, of course. Any "good human" faction that owns Novgorod city (Erengrad) must make sure that the port there is upgrade the maximum level researchable. DIPLOMACY: Kislev is friendly with the empire, is kinda of friendly with the dwarves and brettonia Loathes chaos, dislkes greenskins, is neutral with everyone else. WINNING: Eliminate chaos, Ensure that at least one empire province, dwarf hols, and bretonnian dukedom survives chaos. If the last of any of those races is finished off by any other race, its fine.

      Skaven-oversized rats. I really don't know much about these guys. Savoy and venice are skaven. ARMY COMP: colonial infantry, light infantry. This is a spam faction. EXPANSION: No province may be upgraded beyond level 6. However, before attacking a faction, you can force them to give you ROW for up to 12 hours, allowing you to move up to one third of your entire army behind their lines, but only one province. There cannot be more than 1 enemy province between your untis and your own provinces before you declare war. This is to represent the under empire, where all the skaven just tunnel under your lines, or something like that. DIPLOMACY: They don't like anyone and don't trust each other. Venice and Savoy may team up, or they may destroy each other. WINNING: Literally just win. Get enough VPs and win.

      If you've read all the way through, congrats! In the comment section, pls tell me which race and fation you would like to play as. If you want to play but don't care as who, just say that. First come first serve. I will start this round when I have enough people. Also, if anyone would like to help me identify factions as individual dukedoms or tribes or holds of provinces from the lore, I would be most grateful. I know I left out the elves and vampires, but I couldn;t figure out how to fit them into the map, and I think we have enough races as it is.