Active Alliance Accosciation.

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    • Active Alliance Accosciation.

      The truth is, NWE needs more active alliances. Right now I am setting up the AAA to help active alliances. Below is a list of the alliances I believe are active(Plz correct me if I'm wrong):
      Currently active
      1.The Good Emperors
      2.TDZ tactics
      3.Les Gaulois
      5.Pirate Rum Brethern

      Soon active
      1.WAR EAGLES Inc.
      2.Imperial Republic

      Although there are lots of alliances that look good on paper, these ones are the active ones. They may look worse, but in the long run will give you much more happiness. Btw if you want an alliance but don't want challenge matches then I advise you to join League of Leiprechans/
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      "No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions; he had money as well." Margaret Thatcher (The lols)

      "I'm great at diplomacy, terrible at strategy :thumbsup: " Superchan