Multi Account Question

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    • Multi Account Question


      I've seen a number of posts about the multiple accounts but they all seem to be close to 2 years old. I think I understand the older posts and I wanted to make sure nothing had changed or if I misunderstood.

      I have an account as do my 2 oldest children. So far we have NOT played in any rounds with each other. Am I correct that if we play in the same round we will be banned unless the game is setup WITHOUT anti-cheat enabled?

      My oldest wants to form an alliance for us, as well as some of his friends, to join. Will the anti-cheat still kick us out if we are playing as an alliance?


    • Hello Jim,

      You already wrote your own answers. Even when you are in an alliance, and playing with multiple accounts in the same game with the anti cheat ON the game will kick you from the game, and in worst case scenario even delete all the accounts.

      The solution is to turn the anti cheat OFF. This can only be done when creating a new map, and can not be adjusted in a running map.

      I hope this answers your questions.
      Community Support