Server state differs from client

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    • Server state differs from client


      I have a problem in my game "Roleplay" (id = 2537837).
      Playing as Poland, I have a problem with 3 Administrators (EK 11) in my capital Kracow.
      I can't move them. Whenever I try, I have the message "Server state differs from client".
      I can't also split them. The split windows opens but remains empty.

      Could you help me ?
    • Hello,

      Thanks for the report.

      Usually if you try to attack/move something that doesn't exist, it will go "Server state differs from client". This is because the server state differed from the client (aka the map displayed by your browser is different to what actually is there on the server).

      Zooming out, a partial refresh, or a full reload of the browser page should all fix this issue. In a few cases it is necessary to clear your browser cache, then close and restart your browser to get the updated information.

      If this does not work just let me know

      Have fun playing!
      Have fun playing!
      Dr. Leipreachán
      NWE Community Coordinator

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    • Hello,

      Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, all these tips doesn't succeed.
      I have tried to clear my browser cache. Fully reload the page.Change the browser (Firefox, IE or Chrome). I even change the PC (use my work PC).
      Nothing works.
      I presumed that the problem is because there are 3 administrators in the same unit. 1 is corrupted and the 2 others are good.
      I have built a university in another province, so I can play this game.
    • Your administrators just formed a 'stack' , much like you would get if you placed military units in the same you created 3 in your capital and moved the stack; military groups military and individual civilian units will stack also, but won't mix like military units will. If you wish to separate you need to tap the unit and then tap 'split' in the movement selection then toy with where you want units to go, which usually shows a line if you zoom in. A stack of explorers don't do anything for you, they need to be separated if ever you have as they discover more as individual..As for colonists it's cool cause you can order to different points(provinces) and then split them after each point 4-3-2-1. if 4(as example).