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    • In game 2564431 I'm playing Scotland, I've conquered some continent and some guy is playing Norway. While I was fighting npc in Kiel (region belonged to npc) Norway attacked my troops from Denmark and started war with me, and newspaper says that I'm the one who started war without warning. It's not fair, when I was able to see that he is attacking me I was in the middle of battle and I had no chance to avoid it (not that I wanted to avoid it, but still).
    • I think the same bug has just occurred in the new game I just joined. It's weird because I just seen it in the newspaper where a player (Playing as Sweden) who joined the same game after me took back their province from the NPC which happens when you get into your first tutorial game, and now his troops seem to have just appeared in the same spot right after joining the game in the province of Kiel you had described.

      It's strange I have never seen this happen before and the player has also made their army magically disappear also with no report of casualties on the NPC army?

      This is a weird sight to see on Day 1 of a game.
    • Hello Exocet158,

      Thank you for your report.

      I have had a look at the newspaper and see that Norway actually captured Kiel at 7:26pm and your troops attacked then at 7:36pm. Loosing your brigade 9:09pm

      So I am, surmising that whilst your troops were engaged in attacking Kiel that Norway was also attacking Kiel and captured first. Hence, your troops continued the attack after Norway capture Kiel and it states in the newspaper that you attacked Norway first. If your troops had capture Kiel first then Norway's troops would have continued the attack and would have been attacking you.

      I hope this explains why the newspaper says that it was Scotland that attacked Norway.

      Kind regards,

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    • Ok, so they captured it first because of the gap between attacks, but my troops were there before his troops reached the city and I didn't saw them coming. I couldn't move my troops back to avoid the war, but I'm the one who started it, I don't think it should work that way. BTW what will happen, when two armies meet on neutral ground? For example I have right of way and he has right of way in some country and our armies meet there without orders to attack from any side. Who will be the one who started war? :)