Fortresses are overused

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    • Fortresses are overused

      Fortresses have their place. A key stronghold that is the make or break point when you are in full scale warfare with an enemy that is comparable to yourself can give you the edge in a battle. But building fortresses all over the place is a complete waste. One, it takes up a valuable building spot. Second, I think most people misunderstand them to begin with. Lots of people think a fortress gives you a garrison like presence in that province, they don't even realize that unless there are units stationed in that province then the fortress does nothing. And what you see most times is people building fortresses at the places that within a day will no longer be any kind of front that needs a fortress. Overall they are usually a waste. Go easy on the fortresses! When I take your lands, I want free build spots! Or maybe they are a good strategy. Build them in all your provinces. I may take one look at your kingdom and say "Nah! All the lands are junk!" and leave you alone.