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      • We have an upcoming tournament called the 'COLONIAL HURRICANE' which depending on responses of interested parties, should begin in a couple of weeks. :D This is an Accumulated Victory Points Game with 5-6 Alliances competition (again depends on leaders replied). ?( Warning is being issued: Not for the faint of heart :evil: Strategic planning is required ;)
      • Below is game description and basics, more will follow shortly for preparations :S

      • :saint: As soon as you are selected for participation- countries will be randomly selected- Terra Incognito Map-Separate VP's listed in newspaper 8|
      • Important Information as well a rule: Battle ground is Open Sea and all grey areas. Your Country is not allowed to attack any adjacent player(human or AI), however AI is allowed(which will only happen when you violate them) :!: You are allowed to obtain ROW with AI, but if you take any province not in grey area this will be treated as a 'WAR CRIME' and will cost your alliance -50 VP's. You're only allowed to defend your borders as they are at the beginning :!:
      • Each person is allowed 10,000 max Ducat use. Anything over is a 'WAR CRIME', and will cost your alliance -25
      • game will last 36 days- The Hurricane builds every week
      • Next Page will list Hurricane build up

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