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      1. Each week is 5 days and will match with Research tree.
      2. First Week is Exploration time and finding a place to relocate your Capital, which will be like capture the flag. Obtain as many potential provinces as possible and prevent others from doing so. The Golden Hord will most likely grow jealous and issue a VP Bounty on all civilians(explorers, colonists,and admins).
      3. Week 2) You are ordered to relocate your Capital to unexplored grey area region(you have 5 days to do). There will be a VP charge against per player for non compliance. Capitals must remain in grey area region till conquered(if conquered you move to own country permanently). The Golden Hoard has issued a 25 VP Bounty on all Capitals...
      4. week 3) Bounty award to players who can sink 5 or more ships in a day is 20 VP's
      5. week 4) Moral Booster- War must be declared against all players not in alliance
      6. continuing weeks will be a surprise and hopefully create more fun :!: Alliances Please state name of alliance and number of players..So we can have a full game :whistling:

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