Pigeon Press Release 'Colonial Hurricane'

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    • Pigeon Press Release 'Colonial Hurricane'

      As Rumor has it there is a NWE sponsored Alliances Challenge coming up in a couple weeks called the 'Colonial Hurricane '. In this Victory Points Challenge scenario; your country cannot be attacked by another player except by the AI. Your Country is a stockyard for building up resources and victory points, however your Capital must be relocated to the grey area of the Terra Incognita Map. To make matters worse the AI is going to place bounties on your head and do anything they can to stop you from colonizing and gaining more Victory Points. So in this 'Colonial Hurricane', the waters and grey areas are the battle ground. The Hurricane builds up in momentum every week(5 days) of this 36 day challenging competition for Alliances only.

      If you are the leader of an alliance or know of one let them know, so you can enter. There is also more details in the Alliances section in the Forum. Staff is willing to negotiate the minimum amount of actives in your alliance to fill up game before start. Need more details? Please reply in Alliance post here in forum.