Issues with beginner games

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    • Issues with beginner games

      I join some of the beginner games from time to time if I see some others above level 1 have joined. I know in advance that about 90% of the beginners will not even play long enough to build even one building in their territories. All this I have addressed before, but here's something admin should take a look at changing. Each beginner is given about double the units to start with, so far so good (understandable). But when the beginner goes through the opening tutorial, and then never plays at all from that point (no buildings,etc)...part of the tutorial has a small neighboring kingdom attack one of their provinces, leads them in retaking it, then places over half their units (at least 10 units, because they start with double) positioned on the border between that kingdom and their own. If they keep playing they are positioned well to go ahead and launch an attack on that kingdom. But when they don't get much past the tutorial, it leaves most of their army in one place. And then it usually has positioned the remaining units in two of their territories. Basically this leaves 7 or 8 of their initial territories completely open. For example, I just started a game in which I was given Castile. Both Portugal and Aragon had already abandoned the game. How did I know? Neither had built not one building in any territory. And all their units were positioned in three places. For example Portugal...there are 4 units in Porto, 4 in Braga, and 12 units on the border between Braga and Santiago de Compostela , the Galician province that attacked them in the tutorial. So on day one I marched into the remaining 8 territories without any units preventing me. I did the same to Aragon. I took 8 of their territories, with them having 5 units in Barcelona, 2 in Girona, and the remaining 12 units on the border between Calatayud and Olite of Navarra, the nation that attacked them in the tutorial. Those players are gone already. They won't be back (I have played nearly a hundred games and seen this occur over and over) And the AI won't take over governance of that nation until Day 4 (3 days after they stop making moves) So I have until day 4 to consolidate. I need to be ready to face those units when the AI takes over, but I have been given 3 days in which to prepare with those units sitting there motionless. In the case of Aragon if I destroy the 5 units in Barcelona and the 2 units in Girona that will leave Aragon with no territories. If I do this by day 3 the other units of Aragon will disappear. gone forever, which means I effectively take over 10 initial territories, get half the treasury all for destroying 7 units...WITHIN 3 days! And That's not all. Toulouse has abandoned too. Their military is in 2 provinces and on the border with Guyenne. I have taken 6 of 8 empty provinces so far. But that's not all. Savoy has abandoned too. No units in Chambery, Moutiers, Sion, Novara, and more importantly none in Aosta or the capital cavalry is moving from Toulouse's Grenoble into Aosta and on to Turin. That'll be 4 capitals overrun without encountering ANY units. That's right. My cavalry went...Teruel, Zaragoza (capital), Berga, Toulouse (capital), Rodez, Valence, Grenoble...into Aosta next, then Turin (capital). One cavalry through 9 provinces with ZERO resistance and we're in Day 2. The other cavalry is moving into Moulins of Burgundy and then into Dijon the capital of Burgundy. Armies took the 8 Portuguese provinces including it's capital. But that's not all. I have units at sea. They will take the capital of Naples, possibly Norway. I would have been able to take the capital of Venice, but that player did usual option number 2 (If option 1 is abandoning shortly after the tutorial) They have built ZERO buildings, but they did send there armies to invade Austria, Modena, Papal States, and Savoy...because attacking is at least fun enough for them to have at least sent their units into those enemy provinces before they abandon the game. And because they are at war with Modena, but are now gone (abandoned) then Modena AI got to their capital before I could. That's not all. There are 3 other nations that at least built something, so I am uncertain as to whether they have abandoned yet. I give them a chance before I invade them too. All of which means that by the time I have spent my treasury and half the treasuries of Portugal, Aragon, Toulouse, Savoy, Burgundy, Naples, and maybe a couple more, then the abandoned who built a few buildings can be invaded once I confirm they are really gone. (I don't want to invade and destroy new players that are actually playing, like England...who has built some buildings, and has sent the majority of his military abroad, there are 2 units left in his homeland..and he has somehow managed to declare war on 23 even though I'm not invading him he is toast soon enough.) Anyways...does anyone see the problem here? Sure the beginners need a tutorial to begin with. But does the tutorial have to end with that nation completely defenseless if they abandon after the tutorial?! The tutorial should be tweaked. If beginners are given double the amount of units to begin with, couldn't a unit be placed in each of their initial provinces, and still have 8-10 units to put on the border with the nation that attacks them in the tutorial? At least then no one could march through 9 provinces including 3 capitals with one cav unit...not to mention the other empty provinces I've taken. One other thing...I hadn't noticed this before, so not sure if this is a glitch or has always been a part of the opening game....Navarra and Galicia both had ZERO military units..I marched into those 7 provinces without any resistance too. Leon did have the normal 4 units to begin with. Is it a coincidence that two of the nations that attacked beginners in the tutorials had ZERO military units in them, or is that designed so that the beginner has an easy first campaign? Anyways...we are 16 hours from Day 3...I have control of 41 provinces currently, I will take control of 20 others by the end of Day 3...all without resistance. Meanwhile I have invaded Leon, 4 units of resistance there. I will knock out the 2 smaller forces of both Portugal and Aragon by the end of Day 3, that'll be 15 units I must destroy...but I'll have all today (Day 2) and most of Day 3 to build more units to do that with. Then 12 units of Portugal and 12 units of Aragon will disappear (They will have no support, no daily upkeep (I have all their territories and half their treasury). A small tweak in the tutorial will rectify this situation.
    • I wish I could help you out. I feel for you and hope your not completely alone in your game. Way back when, I would suppose to do the same thing except I wanted to play with real people. But there are always times of RL troubles which can also be party to those disappearances. Or most chances they get scared and move to other game when they see your rank, as well as throw up their hands cause they still can't figure the game out. It would be better more joined the forum to see good strategic advises such as these which you are putting out and pleases me very much that you are doing so! Thank You