Allied Territory

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    • Allied Territory

      I'm sure this has happened to someone else before, and may have been addressed as an issue at some point in this forum, but it happened to me twice in the same day so I'll bring it up.

      My ally and I are at war with France (I say this to eliminate the notion that I thought I was at war with France; my ally and I had attacked French units and had taken, and lost, French provinces ... we are both at war with France, just so there's no mistaking).

      France sent a unit (Lt Infantry) against the non-core, English-owned province of Mezieres. I had an army nearby(four units) which was way stronger than that French Lt Infantry(just so you know). There were no English troops in Mezieres, so I sent in my army to defend it. My army gets to Mezieres with plenty of time to spare. A while later, the French Lt Infantry unit and my army engage, at which point I get back to more important things. I check back after about 90 minutes and Mezieres is now a French-occupied province, and my army and his Lt Infantry unit are sitting at a sidewalk bistro, staring at each other from across an adorably tiny table along the Rue de Mezieres ... no combat happening.

      Not long after that, an identical situation. France sent a lone infantry unit to Laon, a non-core and English-owned province. No English troops. The army that was in Mezieres? I send it to Laon. I double-check to make sure it is absolutely in the city of Laon when it arrives and it is definitely inside the city of Laon. There is plenty of time before the French unit arrives; this isn't some sort of last-second thing. I'll give you one guess to tell me what happened.

      (I should say here that in both cases Ire-engaged and ultimately won. For game purposes, I imagine this particular army is led by Don Knotts and Tim Conway.)

      I've never run into this before, but I think this is kind of an issue. I was unable to defend an ally's city even though I was right there inside it. The"computer," for lack of a better word, actually broke off a combat in one case before handing the victory to France, and totally ignored my army in the other.

      As Kenan Thompson has asked time and time and time again ... what's up with that?

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    • Hello!

      Thank you for creating this post.

      Battles can go all ways. You can't ever predict 100% sure how it wil ends. One of the reasons is all the different influences of the terrain and the strenght/weakness against the other types of units and the X factor.

      Each troops have a area of effect. This is the range in which they can attack others from a small distance, this is where the X factor kicks in. The French forces in your game have been very lucky to not trigger your armies during the battle, and from what I can tell give their first tick to the English forces.

      Now, since there where no forces but only from you (which aren't seen yet since their first tick goes to the English ones) they'll capture the province.

      I hope this answered your question.
      Community Support