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  • NWE Players' Championship

    NWE Players' Championship

    Greetings Lords and Ladies,

    With the dawn of a new era, one where warfare has taken a dramatic leap into the unknown, hand to hand combat reigns supreme, yet new weapons are emerging with new lands at the center of disputes and those that control the seven seas often have the upper hand!

    The world lies in chaos offer the collapse of many of the world’s leading Empires. Divides have grown, the fires of war burn bright as artillery echo in the distance. Major Empires lie in ruins as people sift through the rubble and ruin of their lives. In remote locations nationwide a court of sort is orchestrating the final push to victory to restore peace!

    To restore peace the NWE Community needs to see which Empire has both the brawns and the brains to take victory from those who don’t deserve it and restore order.

    Tournament Structure:
    • Sign-up based.
    • 30 open slots
    • Season based (1 Season – 6 months)
    • Rounds begin on first of every month.
    • Rounds ended manually on day 31.
    • No nation selection.
    • All maps in play (TBD per month)

    The three best players at the end of the season will win gold and a free premium account
    • Place 35,000 Ducats and 5 months Admiralty
    • Place, 20,000 Ducats and 2 months Admiralty
    • Place, 10,000 Ducats and 1 month Admiralty

    Rule 1 – Ducat use not allowed.

    Condition A. Accidental unreported:

    • Instant DQ from Championship
    • The penalties will be 15 VP for each use
    • If beyond reasonable limit (determined by organizers event removal/ban)
    Condition B. Accidental reported (within reasonable limit):

    [Note: We will determine if something is accidental as most ducat use that is reported as accidental is in fact intentional).

    Rule 2 – While cooperation and non-aggression pacts are an expected part of gameplay, it is expected that players will work independently, and not in a way that benefits one player over another.

    Rule 3 – 7 day peace period for active players and 2 day peace period for AI nations.

    Rule 4 – At the end of the round, every player earns an amount of points equal to the victory points on the last day change of the round (Championship points) + Additional points for place finishing (see below table)

    Final PlaceBonus Points
    1st Place100
    2nd Place80
    3rd Place60
    4th Place40
    5th Place20
    6th Place10

    [Note: Players may lose Championship points for violations of rules (in these cases players will be given advanced notice]

    Rule 5 – Round usually start at the first day of the month, and run one full day short the normal length of the month (e.g. the January round ends at the day change from January 30th to January 31st). Exception will be published on this forum.

    Rule 6 – NAP's are not a part of the official rules, and will not be enforced by the moderators.

    Rule 7 – Organizer/Championship Admin decisions are final.

    Rule 8 – All New World Empires game rules and Terms of Use apply.


    If a player feels that a penalty is unjustified there will be a 3 day limit to which an appeal can be made to the organizers. To appeal the player needs to contact @Dr. Leipreachán who will make the final decision in line with all information provided by both the player and the organizers.

    Players must respect and obey moderating decisions, if they fail to do so they may be expelled from the round or even the PL as a whole at moderator discretion.

    Ending a Game Rules:

    The game may end in only one of the following:

    a) A single Player achieves the victory point required.

    b) There are only 3 active players left and they vote to end the game.

    c) The Day limit is reached.

    d) Tournament Director (TD) rules the game as “Voided” and ends the game, (in this case it will be deemed “Voided” under any of the following circumstances,
    • Cheating has taking place (multi accounts or wolfpacking).
    • Trolling of round in game newspaper.
    • Forum/chat posts which go beyond the point of suggestions to attacks on credibility of players or organizers or speak ill of event.
    When a round is voided post will be made in game newspaper with reason for Voided decision and forum thread will be closed.

    How victory is Calculated?

    The road to peace is bathed in the blood of the innocent and the enemy lurks around every corner, in range and without discretion. Victory will come to those who fought hard to earn it!

    As rule 4 states:

    At the end of the round, every player earns an amount of points equal to the victory points on the last day change of the round + Additional Bonus points for place finishing (see below table)

    Final PlaceBonus Points
    1st Place100
    2nd Place80
    3rd Place60
    4th Place40
    5th Place20
    6th Place10


    All those who wish to answer the Call to War and take up the charge of your destiny signups will be held 2 weeks before end of round for following month event.

    When “Sign-up” threads are opened players interested will have to provide the following information;
    • Game Username (if different to Forum name).
    • State you agree to rules.
    • Provide overall rank.
    Note: Organizers have power to “VETO” any application on the following grounds;
    • Past behaviour in rounds
    • Cheating
    • Insults directed towards organizers + players
    [Note: Forum posts on event rounds are forbidden and will be removed without notice and record kept of offending poster which could lead to event removal]

    Victory is not handed out on a silver platter, you have to FIGHT and TAKE it!
    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

    Feel free to check these guides;
    NWE Combat System
    A Quick Start Guide