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    • Hello,

      1. After conquering the province, always leave at least two units on it.

      2. The occupied province's morals will never increase.
      You must upgrade it to a non-core province by sending an administrator.

      3. If the rebellion of the province becomes a non-core province of a neighbor, also the individuals who stand on it and rebel will go to the side of the neighboring nation.

      4. You can improve provinces with administrators, for the right amount of resources.

      (colonies can be upgraded to level 3, no administrator)

      5. Each province from level 5, you can upgrade to the core-province.

      6. Have fun. :thumbup:
    • Avinus wrote:

      1. After conquering the province, always leave at least two units on it.
      Specifically, the province requires a total of 7 combat value of points to not rebel. This could be a level 1 mercenary at 100% morale, or 2 units that add to 7 points or higher.

      Be aware your province has a base 28% chance to revolt, and goes down from there, based on the strength of units there. So one unit can do it, in an emergency, they just will not do so very effectively.

      Avinus wrote:

      2. The occupied province's morals will never increase.
      You must upgrade it to a non-core province by sending an administrator.
      For the grammar snobs, he should have said the province's MORALE will never increase. He is correct that one must send an admin to upgrade it.

      Otherwise it's a very good basic approach.

      However, I feel I must point out a more advanced approach may be desired.

      One starts with a lot of seemingly excess resources. Built carefully, you can get your nation ready for an extended fight. If you just want to go to war, and build nothing for your economy, you will start to run out of resources after about 3 to 4 days.

      It's important to note that you start with 15 k manpower. With your starting rate of something like 129 per hour, you will rapidly exhaust what you have, and not have much left to defend yourself, if things go badly in your first few combats.

      Let's start with first things first in any game. Build barracks, marketplace and workshops in EVERY province at the start of the game. While these builds are ongoing, do research on light regular infantry (15 minutes) and mercenary camp (30 minutes).

      You have 1 explorer at the start, so build 2 more (total 3, cost of 1000 manpower or mp). Send into 3 opposite directions. I generally send to the New World, Afrika and far east Asia(Russia) to start.

      Build 6 to 8 admins. You should now have 10-11 k mp left. If you are in a dangerous position, with lots of player positions all around you, then you probably want to build mostly troops, all light regular infantry (as soon as the research gets done. Try to build only the troops only on the borders of your most active potential foes. 5 at most, if possible.

      Use at least 6 admins to send to provinces you already control of your starting provinces, that are valued less than 6. 1 admin + 3000 raw materials + 3000 goods + 1000 manpower + 1000 silver. Ergo, if you built too many troops, then you won't be able to improve some provinces at game start. if you see this as a probability for survival, then adjust the number of admins you build downward.

      After researching light regular infantry, research light regular cavalry (15 minutes). After that and the merc camp research are done, research mercenary infantry and level 2 market.

      Two things help to increase your manpower rate. Building barracks and improving the size of a province.

      Generally your initial rate of 129 mp per hour will jump to 169 with 10 barracks built. It will increase more, when you research AND build higher level barracks. Improving your province size will add approximately another 5 mp per hour to that. Ergo, improving your rate by about 30 points, if you increase 6 provinces at the start.

      This will mean while those who are not building up their provinces, and build only a few barracks, you could jump up to a rate of about 200 while others are struggling along at around 150.

      There will be those who say go get that by conquering a neighbor province. But a conquered province gives ZERO income, and one converted to non-core will give on 25% of the max rate. To convert a level 5 recently conquered province to core you will therefore need 2.5 days, not counting the material costs to do so. It will take longer to convert a cqed province than it will to just improve a few of your own provinces at the game start.

      While you are building up province sizes in 6 provinces the others should get mercenary camps.

      Remember that each of the combat unit types have different population requirement for the game.

      Mercenaries = 3 pop
      Regulars = 2 pop
      Colonials = 1 pop

      So colonials are the best unit pound for pound, but take a longer time to build like regular units, you will not want to build these at the game start. Mercs come out of the gates 2 hours and 40 minutes later. So while you can't have as many combat units as with colonials, you will get them faster, which is often needed when either under attack or in a war, which one often finds themselves in early in any game.

      Level 1 size building units, time cost

      mercs = 2 hours 40 minutes
      regs = 16 hours
      cols = 12 hours

      So as shown, mercs will come out faster, and with 4 camps you can build your maximum rather quickly.

      If you are still online or back online after 8 hours, research Infrastructure next. This improvement increases how fast your units will move through a province, as well as increasing the money it produces as well as improving morale.

      Unless you have 3-4 cutthroat players all around you, this method should help get you going economically and militarily from early in the game.

      Good luck!