NWE Bug is Hampering Gameplay

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    • NWE Bug is Hampering Gameplay

      Well, very many players have noted units not updating their tech level despite tech level advances being researched and completed. Imaging the effect this has on gameplay. Currently I'm launching an attack with 17. level 1 merc units among others. They should have updated to level 2, but as they were already built, of course not. This error has been in effect for at least a couple months now, shouldn't it have been fixed? I know there was some kind of server side update, it seemed to have caused many errors such as the loss of both level experience and win totals. Please focus more on quality control as it's needed in a quality game.
    • I actually don't like this change.

      What would make more sense, is 'old units' that are in a location that has the building type that originally built them should have an option to pay for a 'upgrade' or 'repair' at any time.

      Suggest an old unit upgrade would cost incur a 33% morale hit, and take 1/3rd the time to build a new unit of the next tech level.

      Suggest units with less than 100% morale could be repaired and a percentage cost equal to 2/3rds the difference based on morale damage at current level, but not costing a manpower charge.

      So a level 1 Light Infantry that costs 1500 food, 500 minerals, 1000 manpower and 1000 silver that is at 50% morale would cost 500 food, 167 minerals, and 333 silver to repair, and take 5 hours and 20 minutes to make those repairs.

      The thought process being that repairing or rearming units that already exist, are easier and cheaper to repair, than units you have to build from scratch.

      Any unit to be repaired or upgraded, would need to be repaired, then upgraded, then repaired again.

      I know currently the game has not made a cost difference from building a level 1 to any higher grade of troops, but would highly suggest that part be added in. New units are going to cost 20-30% more, though no additional manpower than the original cost.

      Having spent the better part of two decades wearing a uniform for my country's armed forces, I can attest to the fact that units are constantly being equipped with new and better equipment all the time, though the process can be costly and time consuming.