[RPU] Europa Universalis II RP

    • I would Love Scotland if it is still available :)

      In the early hours of this morning, The King of Scotland called a meeting of his top advisors. In a move that shocked many, the king issued a decree legitimizing his bastard born son Malvolio; a love child of an affair he had with a servant girl. This bold move has been criticized by a few nobles who have already claimed that they would not work with such a person in the Royal Court.

      Rumours are also spreading th that this has caused strife between the members of the kings inner circle and many have alright advised King against said action.

      This decree when finalised and passed, this afternoon, by the King would make this Bastard Son the Prince and effective Heir Apparent to the Scottish Throne due to the Kings other sons being ill suited to the role as they are either dead or as is the case with Prince James, imprisoned by the English.

      Prince Malvolio will be taking on the duties of King until his father is well enough to resume them himself.

      A select portion of the population of the Capital and countryside celebrated the news of the new Crown Prince Malvolio’s legitimacy and new duties. However, others fear that the King has already given up on the chances of his imprisoned Son Prince James ever being realeased.