Pinned NWE Monster Mash WINNERS!!

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  • NWE Monster Mash WINNERS!!

    Greetings Kings and Queens,

    October saw our latest competition where many of the world's Empires fought to show their strategic dominance over the enemy. Speed was no problem for our victors who won the treasure of the Empires and stood up against the face of evil and defeated the terrors hiding in the shadows;

    1st Place - @Baron Biber - 20,000 Ducats
    2nd Place - @Behrend - 13,000 Ducats
    3rd Place - @scottbrad - 5,000 Ducats

    Congratulations to our winners all of whom proved in battle that their military in this new age will stand the test of time, your rewars has been deposited to your Empire's treasury.

    Your NWE Support team
    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

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