Newbie Questions Regarding Basic Game Mechanics - 1

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    • Newbie Questions Regarding Basic Game Mechanics - 1

      Playing first two games. One game has three players and the other just myself. Both have 14 day peace periods.

      Q#1 - Referencing the map shown on the daily Gazette, what can the other players actually see? In other words, is the world view map the same for all players? And so the areas showing as explored and those areas colonized are the same for everyone?

      Q#2 - Going to war in the areas of the "known" continents (core provinces) is pretty straightforward. But what about the unexplored territories?

      Can an an enemy player who has not previously explored the oceans and land masses attack my colonies without having first explored the area?

      My supposition is the answer to the question above is both "no" and "yes".

      No - in that an enemy who was attempting to take a country out that had colonies (let's use a very well developed set of colonies as the example - one capable of relocating the capitol to) would first have to explore enough of the ocean to arrive at the colony.

      This could be accomplished by simply adding an explorer to their offensive naval / land stack and approach that way until they reach the colony. Is this correct? Explorers can be stacked with naval warfare units?

      Yes - in that once the enemy arrives at the colony, the colony is just like another province to be captured and the explorer is not required any longer.

      Is this a correct assumption?

      However, if the enemy wanted to approach from lands beyond what has been colonized, then an explorer would be required to travel with the land units in order to achieve a flanking position. Correct?

      Or would the explorer have to technically proceed first while the warfare units waited at the border? Is this correct?

      Do I have this concept of "must explore ocean and land masses first in order to move any warfare units into a tactical position to capture a colony (with some of them being core provinces) correct?

      It is understood that once a colony reaches core province level then regular warfare can take place without having to "explore". What about non-core provinces? Which set of parameters for "exploring required / exploring not required" apply towards non-core provinces?

      Q#3 - Given that the enemy can figure out where an adversary's colonies are located, is there a way for the enemy figure out how much territory (specifically - let's say 300 miles around the colony) the adversary has explored in the near vicinity of where the colony is located?

      And if the answer is the use of espionage - can you please explain how that (the gathering of the information on the amount of surrounding land explored) would be done / achieved?

      Q#4 - War Office - neither the description nor the stats (from what I can see) explain the benefits derived from constructing one of these structures. What are the benefits?

      Q#5 - Province Level Upgrades - how do the upgrade calculations get computed? Is the 33% resource production increase based upon the current level? In other words, is the 33% multiplied by the current dollar and resource production levels in order to figure what the outcome of the province level increase will be?

      Q#6 - Uprisings - I've read several forum articles on uprisings and am confused due to recent events read in a Gazette article (Day 9) article which informed me that there was an uprising in a colony which had 87% morale. Why is this? If morale isn't the "measuring" parameter for when an uprising take place - what is?

      Side note (Q#6) - When developing a colony, I moved infantry to the province during the period of time the colonization was taking place. However, I discovered after the rebellion took place that the "credit" for having the infantry unit in the province before the colonization was completed did not get "applied". I thought perhaps this was why the "rebellion" occurred, although morale was 80% (+). Hence the question above. I also discovered the issue of the credit for having infantry in other colonized provinces not being applied in two out of four other colonized provinces.

      Q#7 - Barracks Lvl. 1 only requires building / ground level 1. What is it then that barracks cannot be built in a level 1, 2 or 3 colony? This doesn't seem to make sense because barracks are required to build warfare units.

      Yes, a Colonial House allows for production of colonial infantry (without barracks), but why can't regular infantry be produced instead (forgetting about the penalties involved with fighting on certain types of colonial lands) by building barracks first and then taking advantage of the warfare infantry units already researched?

      Is it therefore mandatory that colonial warfare units be researched and produced in order to defend colonized lands?

      Important Note: I still have a core province @ level 3 and can construct a level 1 barracks. So apparently, a colony has to be upgraded to a level 4 or 5 (non-core province) or a level 6 (core province) before barracks can be constructed in a colonial province?

      If this is the case, then does a Trade Company also produce manpower in lieu of the requirement for barracks? It doesn't appear so as resources and manpower are typically two very distinct categories are they not?

      With manpower being extremely hard to produce, how can a colony ever thrive and a country ever expand overseas, if the ability to produce additional manpower is restricted to only core (or perhaps non-core) province levels as noted above?

      Is there an alternate way (besides warring with other established countries which is already a given) to produce manpower in the colonies that I've yet to discover (other than upgrading the barracks levels)?

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    • Hello whitebird,

      I hope I will be able to answer all of your questions to the best of my abilities.

      The map in the newspaper shows your map, so this is different for every player on the map as not everybody has the same areas discovered.

      Yes, they can. Once the territory has been explored it's attackable/conquerable for players. Even if it changes ownership after exploration.

      No, other players can't figure out what you have explored and what you haven't explored.

      The war office improves your unit cap. But be aware, the war office building can not be deactivated and costs a pretty decent amount of resources per day

      Unfortunetly, I have no knowledge about this game mechanics


      Each colony has a different chance of uprising. Which goes hand in hand with the difficulty to colonize the province (the more difficult, the longer it takes)

      You can find in the image I attached.

      Barracks require a minimum province lvl of non-core, which a colony isn't That';s why you aren't able to build them in your colonies. But you are able to build colonial troops instead.
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