Europa Universallis- A New Clay 2020 match from 1500-1900

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    • Europa Universallis- A New Clay 2020 match from 1500-1900

      I am new to this game, but i have roleplayed before in both call of war and supremacy i am planning to set up a private (Password roleplay) Where your nation is governed bye events both regionally and internationally. From the split of the Roman empire between the reformation and the catholic powers in a brief hustle to the Crusades against the ottoman and yemen caliphates. I have already expanded on the structure the roleplaying will go bye from the Revolutionary era when the U.S and Mexico claimed independence to the Years when christopher colombus first sailed the seas. From mechanics such as pirates to civil wars you are unsure about...Ask me!

      In my RP there will be 5 distinguishable eras
      1. age of exploration, i am assuming this period will last a week, This will include civil wars within the holy Roman empire but little, if no regional conflicts, Morrocco and What would be Algeria are usually the victims of this, because it paves the way for more dangerous years to come.
      2.age of consolidation- Colonial wars begin in urnest though there is little wars on the european continent, if none. However Asia and Africa will be heavy targets of crusades, and also Expect the native NPC's To have a hard time. This is usually when the butterfly net is unable to capture the butterflys so to speak.
      3.Age of enlightenment- Colonial offices and natives are strongly advised troops in this era. It is a time of peace, when the economy abounds and advances in the sciences, mathematics and knowlege. Expect the French and Danish empires at their height, ready to fracture at the revolutionary era
      4.Revolutionary Era- The America and Mexican empires have crawled out of the ditch in which they were left in at the turn of the century. The swedish and ottoman empires are closing in on all sides on the great russian bear while the habsburg dynasty closes in on serbia.The Carribean and the Mediterranean are filled with pirates that cruise the waters, while Britan and Spain fight a slowly losing battle as they are exiled from their colonies one bye one
      From resources for a speedy victory against the spanish to a chance for America to unite the atlantic under its banner, What better place for victory and resources than a Colony. Africa and South and North America will operate under different rules, from how you treat the locals to the rate of expansion to foreign policy.
      North America
      No one power can begin to assume any kind of dominance over the continent, There must be at least two Major powers contesting for the title of empire of north America. Post colonial Factions count. Native american tribes and country will remain wholly independent until the age of revolution, when persecution and assimilation make it to the European theater. one colony there per day until day 6 when it reaches three colonys per day.
      South America
      One power may own almost all of the continent,but it must leave the carribean open to rival powers if it has ambitions in the south of America. you can only pick one starting outpost or colony in the first day of settling though at day 7 after a period of consolidation you can colonise unlimited provinces. The first new world continent to be discovered the natives here are easy prey, fallen to a kill on sight policy
      The dutch and Portugese must have a 3 day headstart in seach of the spices and a route to india after that various colonial powers such as england and france must test their luck. England must push from South Africa up or egypt down, with a small colony of nigeria available without this route, enough land must be maintained for germany or Italy to build a empire half the size of OTL the Dutch Boer States

      Exiled Colonial Factions
      The mechanics for these nations early on are simple. Cease to exist. Only when the colonial powers are at each others throats can you establish dominance. Nations that die on the continental mainland out can stubbornly hold on to their american and African colonies in a state of indefinite civil war. In indefinite civil war nations can pick you off without any cause except pure strategic gain.
      Pirate Factions
      an exiled power has three options, a bloody and furious battle to reclaim the mainland, a Post Colonial Faction or a Pirate Faction. A Pirate nation cannot be ex pulsed from its native island, however it cannot own any other provinces except small islands. As the Azores pirates for example. You cannot colonies south america. But you play a critical role. Being paid to take out ships and invade islands and plundering people for the basic fun of the chase. Most occur in the revolutionary era, though this option is usually open early game.
      Post Colonial Factions
      Declaring yourself as one of the above brings many benefits and issues. You will usually have guaranteed support from Pre Colonial powers, seeing you as a opportunity to gain their own empires. As Mexica (Left) you have no allies to start with and nations can declare war on you for no excuse for 2 days. As The Mexican Royal Empire you share blood and relations with France Spain and Austria respectively however you are limited in land you can conquer before relations deteriorate with still colonial powers. And As the Republic, you have great relations with...No one but no one dislikes you, you can choose your own future.

      The main faith in south and west europe, though it also has supporters in poland, lithuania and also The North, It can declare crusades though crusades on any Orthradox is prohibited as they are so similar.
      German Protestant
      The Holy Roman Empires Revival sparked this the church that defied the catholic faith and inspired the anglican protestants has good relations with them but shows utter content to the catholic and orthradox classes
      From day seven they can lead crusades from Hejaz or Mecca if they are dead. These are dominant in Africa South Asia and the middle east. They also have some followers in Granada
      Khanate Islam
      A completely Ai religion, it is only followed bye the Timurs and the Golden Horde of the east. It is usually a target from crusades early on and is expected to fall before day 20.
      A Major religious group in Bulgaria, Serbia and Byzantium that has very close tyes and relations with the catholic faith. Shows nothing but utter content for both the islamic and Protestant Peoples.
      Anglican Protestant
      The most radical type of protestant, these have very close ties with their HRE counterparts. They are reliatively sympathetic to the Orthradox however they have only one enemy, any opposing religions in there lands.
      A religion that starts in West Brazil and Ecuador, The conversion of colonys to core provinces usually eradicates that religion and wipes it. It is father religion of the Aztec Faith
      A small and Brutal stubborn faith that clings on in central america, especially costa rica and the yucatan penninsula, it is the foundation for the Mexica Empire. These are very hard to eradicate once they are entrentched early on.

      next we will cover types of nations, Nations may be under a larger entity's surveillance, protected bye a larger entity or completely independent. The most common type of nation is independent. These occur most often in the middle east or west europe, however limited numbers occur in central and far eastern europe.
      A satellite state is a nation that is under the constant influence of another, They may have no colonies and must not have any relations with anyone other than the master. The satellite states are ruled bye International entitys, nations that aquire satelite states to directly impose their influence upon a certain region, like the ottomans setting up a serbian sattelite state as a buffer zone against austria. The last is a regional entity which is made of of two or more mostly independent countrys under the same banner. Poland-Lithuania and the Holy roman empire are good examp,les, though in scandinavia these grow rebellious.
      A short lived skirmish of 1 Province from the enemy, you cannot declare war on that enemy again or advance for 2 days.
      Colonial Wars
      Short lived skirmishes over strategic points of interest on a colonial front. if the war on that front is to long, no progress made or life consuming a cease fire is immediately made after you cannot advance for 2 days.
      Wars to repel powers that are not your religion from a continent. Like a ottoman empire trying to rid christian influences from the Balkans or a Khanate from east Asia. Caliphates can do Crusades on Khanates to. The Pope launches crusades in the christian World and later after 7 days Hejaz can to
      The Hostile taking over of a Post or Pre colonial power like Mexica or the Aztecs. It is often short lived and does not draw any negative response with the national community. It may also involve Timurs from the Timurid empire and Arabian empires.
      Continental Wars
      This war only involves nations on the european continent involving at least 5 countries or 50% of europe whichever first. There colonies only have minor skirmishes if any. This usually revolves around the inner politics of France,Germany and Very Occasionally Russia. However they can start anywhere and have devestating consequences.
      World Wars
      Violent and often frequently lots of smaller wars and skirmishes making up one bigger picture usually the continent of europe on fire. At least one Post Colonial or Piratic power must be in this conflict along with at least one colonial power from europe. And one other from every continent. These are very dangerous and make or break weak empires. Special Mechanics stop world wars from happening within 10 day intervals.

      you cannot completely conquer an nation until WT reaches 100
      a exiled colonial power increases 1WT
      a enemy religion encroaching onto europe (Islam or Aztec) increases 5WT
      a war increases 3WT
      a crusade 1WT
      and a World War 25WT
      every day or year it minuses bye 1WT
      at 1-25 Wt you can only invade and annex 1 continental province
      at 26-50 WT you can only take 3 continental provinces
      at 51-99 you can only take 5 continental provinces
      at 100 you can annexIn my RP there will be 5 distinguishable eras

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    • Avinus wrote:


      This will be a Roleplay that lasts from the colonial era to the revolutionary, you can be anything from a power that stretches the world and the sun never sets on, to later when the countries of europe and Asia have all but burnt to the ground in the age of revolution- A Central American,Mexican or Anglo-American style nation
      confirmed nations are
      -Portugal- Peter Ayres
      -Egypt-Thistle and Rose