11 Things to NEVER do in NWE

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    • 11 Things to NEVER do in NWE

      These are things that can get you killed in NWE, unless you really know what you are doing in the game. Also, just to be aware, someone once asked what to do in a game, some general ideas, and I answered him. You will find the answer here in the forums. Find the following headings: Community -> Strategy -> New Player. If you never read this, you're just as wrong as any of these.

      11 - Never dismiss those who may be willing to lend advice. Often conditions may be attached such as 'leave this area to me' or maybe 'help me if this person attacks'? Only you can judge what may be an excessive request.

      Once I had a player decide that he HAD to take an area, near my capital, then tried to justify doing so as restoring the empire to its prior 'boundries'. Then he cheated by creating two aliases, off of the same IP, which doing so is a violation of ToS.

      It's bad enough to try to use a role play reason for your actions in a strategic game, that will leave another player having to constantly watch his back for your next attack. It's worse when you do so and feel you have to cheat to win, as you will get turned in, and eventually have your accounts banned.

      The point being, I tried to advise him, the only string being to back off and quit being such a jerk. I'd be willing to help him and teach him. But he thought he knew more.

      10 - Never hold on to your money, saving it for a rainy day. The newspaper will post the nations with the most money, which will give experienced players their target rich environment of capitals to loot. Hoarding your silver makes you a target. Use your silver to buy the resources you need to build up your economy.

      9 - Never attack any player or AI nation, without declaring war. Many, many players do this constantly, thinking nothing of it. There are those players who are of a more chilvarous belief of the type of wars fought historically. Those of a more honorable bent are likely to desire to destroy you, simply for doing so.

      Remember that once you break this rule of chivalry, your enemies will consider it necessary and expedient to break the rules in reverse, justifying their actions, by your lack of conscience.

      8 - Unless You feel you are dealing with one such as noted above in # 9, try not to start a war with anyone, even another player, until you are fully prepared.

      7 - Never forget that this game is essentially a ROCK/SCISSORS/PAPER game. Cavalry kills artillery. Artillery kills infantry. Infantry kills cavalry. Also, never forget terrain can affect combat.

      6 - Never forget that if you leave your capital in a bad spot, YOU CAN MOVE IT. Best location for terrain is WOODS. Build a fortress, and stock with infantry and cannons. It should also be in a central spot to your Kingdom.

      5 - Never leave your border undefended, unless you are so desperate to eradicate an opponent. Doing so invites others to pour through your undefended borders. Don't tease the animals.

      4 - Never send your Administrators through someone else's territory, unless you are READY for war with that player. Same with using an explorer through an already explored province of someone adjacent to you, unless he keeps moving, and out to explore other parts of the world and you are a landlocked nation. Other players will see this as you spying on their territory and act accordingly.

      3 - Never get into a war, a skirmish or any fight where you don't know the players involved. Too many good players will annihilate you for sneezing in their direction.

      2 - Never leave your capital unguarded, except where your allies are close, OR you can build a defending troop before anyone can get to your position. It should have a fortress built right away and left with at least one troop.

      Too many players love to take an unguarded capital, even of another player just to loot & pillage the capital, and perhaps knock you out of the game. This has become an unrealistic tactic, often used by many experienced players. They do this to build up their 'war' chest so they can handle a sustained war, building many mercenaries.

      1 - Never give right of way/allied status to anyone you do not know. This includes to AI positions capable of becoming a player position. This especially includes people you just met on server, who want to exchange their alliance with you. If they know what to do with the information, and you don't they will destroy you.

      At the time of this writing, I have started on a server, where a player had built his kingdom up rapidly, attacking 4 AI nations, all without declaring attacks. He left his capital unguarded, his border unsecure, and worse gave my country, which had been an AI country, right of way. I galloped a couple of cavalry units to his capital, and left several others in areas he left unguarded. For those paying attention he violated rules 9 (4 times), 6, 5, 2 and 1. I hate to attack a player early in a game, but after 5 violations of my list, I felt I could not trust to turn my back to him.

      If others feel like there are others that can be added to the list, feel free to respond. If anyone has issues with any of it feel free to respond. If I see something that needs to be added or removed, I may do so, and edit my list.

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