The Capital

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    • This one thing is such an important part of the game, and I see many players get depressed and bungle it so often. Basically they make any one of any number of mistakes and get their Capital taken, and then they shut down, and think their game is lost.

      I hope this post will educate many of you on just how to properly protect yourself, to prevent this from happening.

      First off, you do have to realize that losing your Capital can be a major loss. But there are 3 major ways to protect it and yourself. Aside from of course building a large fortress, and lots of troops.

      1 - Move your Capital

      2 - Move your resources to a reliable friend.

      3 - Move your resources to the Market, where they can't be affected by the enemy.

      Let's take these one at a time. To move a Capital you need to have another eligible province, or a level 3 or higher CORE province. This costs 5000 each of raw materials and goods plus 10,000 silver. If the province is not one of your first CORE provinces, you will need to build up a new province that you've conquered or colonized to level 5, before you can make it a CORE. When you move it, you need to move it to another province that is better defended than where it is at that moment. I personally like placing it in a far away province such as somewhere secure in the New World.

      When moving the resources to a friend, all you need to do is to 'trade' away all of each resource at the maximum amount for a minimal return. If you have more than 30 k of a resource this may take multiple trades. Trade them all away for a one silver return, preferably to both a player you trust completely and who is also not in danger of losing HIS Capital. later, when the danger has passed, you contact your friend, and have him trade you back resources. The drawback to this one is if your friend isn't online at that time, you may not get the trade done in time. If he isn't online until later, or he spends too much of your resources, it can strain a friendship.

      When moving resources to the Market, you list all you available resources to sell at the highest amounts possible. An amount that no one will want to touch. Something like 37s for each one. Then find one resource, that you actually need, often something like Luxury Goods and list yourself as in the market to buy that resource at a terribly low number, like 1s. Since no one will ever sell you that resource so cheaply, your silver will be safe as well. In another similar game we called this the 'resource dodge' or a way to dodge your resources out of the way, where they can't be stolen by an enemy. Like the one before it, when the danger is past, cancel the auctions and retrieve your resources. It can be better than the second one, in that you don't have to wait for someone else to be online later.

      This last one, is of particular use, if you have to be offline for too long a time, and you feel that your capital may be at risk.

      If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free. :)

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