How to WIN!

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    • How to WIN!

      This post isn't going to give you the best strategy on how to win every time, but rather is designed with the idea in mind to tell you what is counted for VICTORY POINTS in the game, and go over from that point which strategy will work for you in a game.

      Every day in the newspapers you will see how you are doing against all the other players. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're doing well just because you are doing well in a few statistical categories.

      At the end of any given day, the game counts up your VPs and repeats this with every one in the game. Being first in the largest army, the best economy or the most provinces don't determine those VPs but only how well you are doing in the game, in those areas.

      Each province counts 1 VP for each point in the province.
      Capitals count an extra 5 VPs.
      Monuments count 5 VPs per level, so a level 4 counts as 20 VPs in addition to the province size (minimum 7 to be a level 4).
      Colonies (and ONLY colonies) can build Trade Centers. At level 1 they are worth 1 VP, level 2, 5 VPs and level 3 15 VPs. So max level 3 colony with a level 3 TC is worth 18VPs.

      That's it. All the other categories are just indicators on how you are doing, but don't count toward you winning.

      The game gives you 3 strategies to win by: Colonization, Conquering and Economy.

      All will have some level of crossover that is necessary for you to survive. All players should maintain a number of provinces in the game to be on par with most of the other players, or you will be seen as too weak and will probably get attacked and taken out. Generally 50 or more core provinces will be necessary to have a reasonable chance of winning in any strategy.

      Economists will need to work on building up their Markets, & Workshops to maximum levels. Harbors can give a good econ boost as can Infrastructure. Province size increasing tech is also a necessity. Keeping an eye as to when improvements can be made through the tech tree to allow the next improvement is necessary for this strategy to work. Along the way you will also want to research Monuments. The key to winning through this method is building a very strong economy, then building Monuments and winning by province size and Monument levels. A level 7 province is worth 7 points and a level 4 Monument is worth 20 points, for a total of 27 points. 50 provinces so improved will yield 1355 VPs, with the extra 5 coming from the capital province.

      The problem with this strategy? To get to level 4 in a Monuments takes the game to day 30. and then will take 4 days to build them to that level, assuming you have level 3s built already in every province. This means the earliest you can win is day 34.

      Conquerors can win probably the fastest, by simply being there "Firstest with the mostest" (that is a civil war quote by General Nathan Bedford Forrest) and is simply a case of building up troops as fast as possible, before others and then systematically wiping everybody out. In a large game with many good players, like some tournaments, this is hard to make work. It also has the undesirable side effect of driving players to the point of making permanent enemies or driving them out of the game. This is why I don't like this strategy, but it is often used by many players whose only goal is to win at any cost. I have seen even tournament games get done in 15 days by this strategy.

      Colonialists tend to get to that 50 province level then work towards building colonists and spreading out all over the world, to at least 100 or more colonies.

      An important point here. Any colony should be built with a Trade Center as one of the 3 buildings in it. If it does NOT have a TC, then you should be making plans to convert it to a non core province then a core.

      I have found it best when possible to find an indigenous people in an area, conquer them and convert their highest level province to core, then build a University there. This will allow you to build colonists there, instead of making a long trek from your core provinces. It can then also be given a fortress and some troops put in to protect it.

      Colonialists score their points in that a level 3 colony with a level 3 TC is worth 18 VPs. 100 colonies gives you 1800 VPs and can be learned by day 26 and built by day 28.

      When looking at the 3 by points:

      Economists need until day 34 or later to build up to get to where they may have the points to win.

      Conquerors don't need to count points, just mindlessly kill everyone.

      Colonialists can get points to win earlier and just need to slow down conquerors enough so they don't win by day 15, and survive long enough to get enough TCs built.

      Most players actually mix the strategies in the game, to try to get a winning combination.

      I prefer being a colonialist mainly for 3 reasons: it's harder, it annoys fewer people and is more realistic in the historical aspect of the game. But you need to find what works for you.

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