Marzohnne - Introduction

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    • Marzohnne - Introduction

      Hi all. Fairly new moderator here (3 or 4 months or so now), still learning the ropes, and starting to feel at times the job is easy and at other times "Jeez, don't they really want me to DO something"?

      I've been playing NWE about 4 years at least. I know that because the alliance I started sometime after I started playing here, and it's now 4 years old. I did leave it briefly to check out the staff alliance, but found another way to chat with my allied staff friends, without actually being in the staff alliance, so I left and rejoined the one I started. ORDEN POUR LE MERITE, aka OPLM or the order of merit in french as the actual award the PLM or more colloquially known as the BLUE MAX was a German award given to German Officers over the course of much of the German Empire. As was customary in the noble courts of the time period the Germans used the French language in all awards to make them sound more "official and flowery" something that German isn't know for as it's a more guttural language than the romance language French. Why the PLM at all? I used to play a lot of other games over the years, one of them a world war one aircraft game written by a friend of mine, Mike Carr. It's called Dawn Patrol. It has the distinction of being played at since the first GENCON, and everyone since. In that game you can be a world war one flying ace, and win awards from the time period, or 1914 - 1918. I guess it's only natural that I would eventually find and play NWE and some of the supremacy games online.

      My first officer whom I left in charge of the OPLM alliance seemed only too happy to give me the thing back when I rejoined. I think he was terrified of the responsibility.

      I'm the guy in the chat logs that often finds out I've been doing something I shouldn't for 3 months, and then goes "OH!"I guess I shouldn't be doing that. What I'm referring to is one post that specifies that WORDS IN CAP LETTERS should not be used, but if it's like one short sentence that someone does that, it's probably someone that just forgot it when they held the finger down on the button. Me, I do it for effect or to highlight something in CHAT.

      Of course that particular rule is in two posts, and the second post is actually listed twice, once in the lounge (older post), and once in the main post up front, and specifies it as chat rules.

      I also tend to be long winded and overblown in my posts, and if that bothers you, sorry, I'll try not to do it too often. Although one thing I have been doing a lot of is writing posts to clarify questions asked in the game or asked in chat. So if you want to read some of them, please by all means find them and add a like if you like, or if you see an issue with anything, please let me Know so I get it right.

      I have never claimed to be perfect, and I will make mistakes. But I have tried since before I became a mod to do what I can to promote the game and not kill it, as that is sometimes what I see out there from a lot of folks playing the game. I have also seen multiples posts on the same subject and would like to try to figure a way to curb that on all levels.

      Thanks for listening... reading... w/e... :)

      Questions? Comments? You know where to find me.
    • Wow, I remember Dawn Patrol. I totally sucked at that game. I couldn't make the plane stay aloft....must've been stalling or something, over and over. It seemed pretty realistic, though, which was probably why I sucked at it, so much.

      Oh, and to everyone else, don't let that long-windedness statement scare you. I've got him beat, tenfold, on long-windedness. And yet, people tend to like my writings....if they stick around long enough to fully take them in. I've found @marzohnnes posts to be an easy and comfortable read, not too long, at all.
    • Stumpy Pete wrote:

      Wow, I remember Dawn Patrol. I totally sucked at that game. I couldn't make the plane stay aloft....must've been stalling or something, over and over. It seemed pretty realistic, though, which was probably why I sucked at it, so much.
      I sucked at it when I started which was around 1999. By 2004 I was one of the games best players, with more ace pilots than just about everyone. In 2006 I won my Master's Cup, which you can only get by being at one of their tournaments.

      Not really tying to brag here (OK, maybe a little), but the point is like anything else, you have to apply yourself and work at being better. It helps that one of the best numbers crunchers in the game was my best friend. Come to think of it, he introduced me to NWE as well.

      The game was actually designed after Mike Carr saw the movie "The Blue Max" which starred George Peppard, George Mason and Ursula Andress. In the movie, the main role played by Peppard was Lt. Bruno Stachel. The player who taught me all of this goes by the handle in NWE as Lt. Bruno Stachel.
    • That's very interesting. As to the game, I got it probably in '94 or 95. And I tried playing it on several different occasions. But it's lack of ease of use (in my mind) made it take a backseat to Master of Orion and Civilization II, etc. I used to play tons of games back then. Oh, and I was an ace when it came to the space flight sims, the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series, and Wing Commander.

      Actually, I had all the early versions of those games and saved every one of them, even the old 5.25" and 3.5" floppy versions of many of them. I don't know why, but I saved most of the original boxes and software which I kept in a library of sorts. I don't know if any of it's worth anything, as collectible/vintage stuff, but if anything does, I've probably got it....not to brag or anything, just commenting. Heck, I can't even install anything on the old floppies, though I do have an old WinNT 5 tower, that I built, that I could still install or at least copy the floppy stuff over.

      ....not that I'll ever do it.

      My pride and joy of my old collection is the floppy 3.5" Dune II, which I played for years....that and Star Wars Rebellion (it had a very early 3D strategy simulator for battles). Oh, and on old old strategy games for PC, I also had Wing Commander: Armada, which was very simple, yet so smart in it included an optional flight sim for the battles. Some day, I'd like to make a truly-worthy successor sequel to Armada. I worked on it, in part, for a games programming class I took, back in college (though it's already long-long out of date and would need to be rebuilt from the ground up).
    • I don't remember my scores, but I probably only finished about a third of the games I started (*perfectionist). I was a huge empire builder and loved the series...probably played v.2 for a decade, also. Wound up playing v.3 for years and then v.4. I still play Civ 4 occasionally, also the Colonization version. Oh, and I love love love Colonization (I still play the original once in a blue moon, and I've recently started playing freecol).

      I've got Civ v.5 and v.6, but the hexagonal single-unit-only play style has been hard to force myself to like. How do you make yourself change a fundamental playing style after literally decades of play? =O (last edit:) I actually kinda liked the hex rules for the XBox version, but only because it made for fast games without need of all the keyboard abilities (something for which I used to love Team Fortress on XBox, all the same (PC version always took too many keyboard shortcut memorization, though I did enjoy the original PC version more than the sequel)).

      BTW, I coincidentally found the book on the Red Baron that came bundled with Dawn Patrol, back in '94. It's still in nearly-mint condition. I read some of it this morning. I wasn't even looking for it, it just popped out of my bookshelf when I was trying to pull a different book next to it. I said to myself, "Oh yeah, funny coincidence!"

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