New Game Admin Job Distinction (SUGGESTION)

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    • New Game Admin Job Distinction (SUGGESTION)

      OK, so I came up with an idea for the "kicking" feature of the game, where a person in-match serves as the "Game Admin" (GA) would have a slightly-altered capability. The potential for abuse by the GA exists whenever players go inactive. And, let's face it, virtually every match has players that abandon. Well, after airing this new idea with @slushfund, he suggested I post it on the forums. So here goes...(edited from my correspondence with him).

      When in a match where a bunch of players have abandoned, and I am the sole player remaining active (and sometimes there are a few others), I almost always wait a long time after someone's been vacant before really considering them to be inactive. Some people are just busy for a while, but intend to return soon. Others just give up, or move on, or simply lose interest. Those tend not to return (though once in awhile some of these might return after a long spell....out of curiosity).

      Of those latter cases, I have no regrets in kicking them from a match. But for the recently-inactive, I try to give the benefit of a doubt.

      I think it's time to create a distinction among inactive players — two kinds — the recently inactive (those who deliberately sign out of a match with an intent to return "soon"), and the long-term inactive (those players whom haven't deliberately gone on a temporary inactivity list (nor checked in for a considerable amount of time (and this being significantly longer than the current standard default for minimum inactivity)).

      I suppose this two-stage inactivity could be renamed as something like "AFKI" inactive (absent from keyboard inactivity) for a voluntary signed-period of up to a week (and also supporting an involuntary period of up to three days after a 4 day period of inactivity), and an "NRI" inactive (non-responsive inactivity) which would automatically kick in after the AFKI expires (or isn't renewed), which would be after a full week of inactivity (whether deliberate or not).

      Also, given that design, only NRI's (those inactive for at least a week) could be kicked by the GA's, whereas AFKI's (those who are inactive for less than a week or whom deliberately went AFK with intent to return after a few days) would be safe (though they could still wind up going to NRI status and getting eligible for being kicked). Of course, the volunteer staff "Game Operators" (and higher ranks) could still forcibly kick anyone from any match, per their staff rights, but that is outside the purview of my suggestion.


      Create 2 kinds of inactive players, a short term AFKI and long term NRI. Only NRI's can be kicked from a match by a Game Admin.

      SIDE NOTE:
      This feature could be implemented across all Bytro games, such that Call of War (and others) could have the distinction between 2 kinds of inactive. However, the fact that CoW doesn't allow late-joiners (beyond 10 days?), this feature might be moot. On the other hand, it would be a great incentive for rescinding that old rule change and letting CoW have late-game joiners once again (like they used to, years ago).