Troops not appearing on the map

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    • just_chris00 wrote:

      Yesterday I started a match, trained a few troops and went to bed. Today when I opened the match, half of my troops are missing. The unit cap is at 50/75 and I only have 14 troops. I know that each light troop counts for 2 units, so where are the remaining 11 troops?
      Match number: 3,604,264
      Username: just_chris00
      Just to clarify:

      Regular troops are 2 pop each, not light units. This includes Light Regular Infantry, Heavy Regular Infantry, Light Regular Cavalry, etc..

      Mercenaries are 3 pop each.

      Colonials are 1 pop each.

      As for the missing units, you can click on an existing unit, then use the arrows keys to go through all your units on the board, and then it will show you where they are.

      What probably happened, is you accidently hit the wrong key and started them moving somewhere by mistake.
    • just_chris00 wrote:

      i already tried that, nowhere to be found, i searched everywhere
      Ok, what you're going to need to do is submit a ticket.

      To do that, go back to the start menu.

      At the bottom you should see a copywrite symbol, then 2020, then BYTRO LABS. To the right of that you will find a word "SUPPORT". You can click on that, and submit a ticket.

      Choose an appropriate type, probably 'purchased item not received' is most applicable, then put something in the subject like 'missing troops'.

      In the description describe everything as best you can, include your IGN or In Game Name, and the game number where it happened.

      Replies can take up to 72 hours, though they do tend to be fairly quick. :thumbup:

      NWE Moderator
    • just_chris00 wrote:

      Update: this is still happening, I don't know what's happening. I have 123/125 on the unit cap, yet counting all my troops I should only have 97. I have submitted another ticket in which I explained that it's still happening
      Don't forget that ships also count against your unit cap, 2 each per ship usually. I would bet you have 13 ships out there somewhere, which would account for the discrepancy.