Orden Pour Le Merite

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    • Orden Pour Le Merite


      The Orden Pour Le Merite, was so named after the Prussian war medal, literally meaning "Order of Merit", and was established in 1740 by King Frederick II of Prussia.


      It was used in both world wars, but was ceased to be used as military medal after the second world war. The last living recipient of the military award was Ernst Jünger, who died in 1998.

      The alliance as it stands today in NWE adds members, based on three criteria:

      1 - The applicant must show his or her ability to win through battle. This policy may have an exception if the applicant can show that he was a hard opponent, and had strong showings even when he or she lost. To date, there has been one exception to this policy. We back winners not losers to wear the mantle of this alliance.

      2 - The applicant must show chivalry on the battlefield. This can take many forms. one of which is showing that they always will declare a war, even again AIs for the most part, and not make surprise attacks. They must also be willing to show mercy and not simply wipe out an opponent when it is possible to do so. Exceptions to this can happen, but there must be cause, such as an opponent who has already violated certain rules of warfare and chivalry themselves. Those who do on the battlefield when fighting me must beware for all future games.

      3 - The applicant must impress upon the Rittmeister (myself) that you are one of those who fits the criteria, and you may get an invite on that basis. Historically the Baron, or Manfred von Richtofen would invite pilots whose records impressed him, and after watching them perform in combat either send them on to bigger things such as when he gave Ernst Udet a squadron command position under his command, or they performed badly were sent away, to squadrons, far and away from men who could fight and win.

      If you believe you qualify under these criteria, send me a note, and we can plan a game as a trial period.

      Orden Pour Le Merite

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