Tercios de flandes

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    • Tercios de flandes

      Hello guys,

      I'm here to invite you the real tercio, the New World Empires tercio. If you feel like a temible pikerman or a musketeer it's your alliance.

      (Surrender of Breda)

      (tercios song in spanish)

      What you can do in tercios alliance?
      • You can be trained about NWE and learn.
      • Spam in a fabolous skype chat (yes, is the best part :p )
      • Meet with new friends
      • And the best of all; ALLIANCE CHALLENGES

      If you are a veteran you can be a trainer in the tercios alliances and grow up.

      The ranks in the alliance are:
      • The Field master (leader)
      • Sergeant Major (moderators)
      • Captain (veteran trainer)
      • ensign or seccond liutenant ( trainer)
      • Sargeant (vetaran member)
      • Corporal (new member)
      The public enemy
      Es Senior Moderator

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