Changes I don`t Like

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    • Changes I don`t Like


      The game as changed ! I`m thinking of giving up this game when the games I`m in finish as moving troops is now a pain. You cant move them by dragging them unless you are in wide screen. As soon as your touching a city it drops the troops and opens the city. SHIT
      Same with Explorers and Admin. When you do move troops to a city again it opens the city instead of telling you the amount of troops and the travel time etc. Don`t like the Changes as it slows down the game for me. This means I can`t fit in all the games I play at one time. Down to 6 games now. This in turn slows down the chance to increase the rank quickly..
      So to All Good bye and thanks for playing. I will be leaving once the games I`m in are won. 4 of my 6 I`m winning. Shame to loose this game as i like it. :( :( :( ?(