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    • There are games

      Aside from your thought for the Broodoo Victims only to OSRS gold become aggressive toward the gamers that trigger their look, they also might be made to evaporate after the participant they looked for has left a particular radius or gone without fighting them to get a particular amount of time. Alternatively, they may also be changed to be agressive just toward those who are participating in the minigame at the time, or have engaged in it in some manner (i.e. trading trading sticks for machetes or clothes, chopping trees at the teak and mahogany fence, fixing the fence, or chopping brush) in the past ten minutes.

      Proceed into the the Thunder Dungeon. Utilize the buckets together with the entry and it'll open up. A cutscene plays: A large lightning bolt comes from this dungeon, dealing 20 damage. A massive Killerwatt comes out and and dissapates. If you still have the Commorb in the Wanted! Pursuit, use it and you'll have the ability to tell where the Killerwatt went. If not, talk to Tiffy to find another.

      Go into Seers Vilage and to the Elemental Dungeon. The Commorb will become a Commord (thu). Use this onto a water elemental, and it will become a Commorb (wat), which you use on a fire elemental. Use the Commorb (earth) in an air elemental, then the Commorb (atmosphere ) on an earth elemental.

      Finally, go to the center of the dungeon and the killer watt will look, and you have to conquer it; it is lvl 100 and uses mage. This one requires 1 slayer. After you defeat it, it will disappear and Ajiat will look. He will tell you that you have to conquer the Killerwatt, as in the event that you don't, it will destroy the Warriors Guild. He will let you visit Aubury at Varrock.

      He lets you know that you need some White Knight gear to conquer the Killerwatt. Go to the White Knight's Castle in Falador. Purchase a scimitar and battleaxe, then go Aubury again. He will teleport you to the Land of Lightning. When you arrive, your armour is automatically banked, except your Sword of Thunder and Aqua Scale. Equip both. Head over to Cheap RS gold the water supply on the minimap, but it'll be a jolt tap instead.