Idea about keeping players involved... (crypto tokens)

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    • Idea about keeping players involved... (crypto tokens)

      I used to play 1914 years ago, and I've just rediscovered these games, and have been playing around with both Tesla and NWE. Both are excellent games. Top work by the devs.

      There's a frustration, though, and I know this has been an issue for a long time, and plagues all online games; players dropping out.

      I joined a game in a NWE game a few days ago, and already, there are just two human players left (of which I am one). So I'll drop out of that one, because it seems as though once a game has died, it's dead forever, and hope that I can find a session with more life in it. The tragedy is that I will not, in that game at least, get to recreate the Carthaginian Empire. But I digress...

      I think the answer to the problem might be crypto tokens. Let's call them Ducats, why not.

      I signed up with Upland, the other day, just to see how it works. For those who don't know about it, it's a 'game', where you buy and sell property in a virtual recreation of the Earth, using an in-game crypto token. The plan, they say, is to eventually allow players to cash out their crypto tokens, and turn the proceeds of their crypto-based property deals into real-life dollars. In other words, a big part of the stickiness of the game, from the player's POV, is the presence of the crypto tokens. (it's sure not in the interface). The sense of involvement and connection that arises is because of the potential of turning those tokens into dollars. And also, more and more people these days are into tokens, and know how they work.

      Could something similar work for NWE, Tesla, etc?

      If a player had to stake some crypto-Ducat tokens in a game when they joined it, and could only get them back when the game was over, it would encourage people to stay.

      There could be some system for people who performed well in the game make some crypto. Perhaps you get a token bonus for winning, of course, but also for other reasons, such as level of development reached, etc. Maybe you lose crypto for betraying allies. Maybe you gain crypto for posting articles in the newspaper (an under-utilised game feature, imho)

      And of course, the ability to turn your crypto-ducats into dollars and send them to your Uphold wallet, or something similar, would be a huge reason for people to earn crypto by conquering the world.

      And of course, if you just drop out of the game, your stake is lost, and the tokens are put in a pool to be shared amongst those who stay the course.

      I think the potential for ways to use a crypto token in the games is huge...

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