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    • At the bottom of every city menu, you should have a spies button to click on with a +. You click on that to open up the menu of what you can do with spies on that city. This includes enemy cities.

      On your own cities, the options will simply be for counter spy. This is a good early option for important cities and their production, like capital cities.

      On enemy cities, you should have 3 options: Intelligence, or sabotage of either military or economic. Choose where you want to try to impede another's progress in that are by activating a spy on which mission you want your spy to do.

      This may be an option if you see an potential enemy taking provinces and becoming too powerful early. Causing key provinces to lose control early will force him to spend more time and effort getting control of those area. The downside being that spies may get caught in the process. If that happens it will often lead to war.

      Needless to say this is a costly endeavor to do, in that to be successful means having to spend a lot of coin to activate and keep active spies. It's why some players have taken to sacking as many capitals early in a game to build up their 'war chest' full of silver to use for spying, as the game heats up.

      Actions of spies can be checked on two ways. First by checking your ESPIONAGE button. Also savvy players can glean information from the newspapers of spy missions that may have occurred, such as reports of suspicious fires or robbers stealing treasuries, which are usually the acts of spies, but are not limited to such.

      Spies can be set up, and the reports will start coming in, at the change of day.