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    • Multi Account

      Hi, I'm Aurcus. A new player of the game. I would like report a suspected multiple account named killersusy87, finorel, and Cathecap. All of them have the same producer and steps of how to conquer a territory through spawning multiple mercenaryes using their golds. Please tell me how to ban them. ASAP.
    • If you suspect someone of CHEATING, then you need to submit a ticket.

      To do this, go to the main page. At the bottom you should see BYTRO LABS just to the right of the copyright symbol. To the right of that you should see a word SUPPORT. Click on that.

      List the "suspected cheating" in the subject line. Then give full details in that of the suspected cheating, and the names of the players there. You should also list your in game name, and the game ID number where the cheating is going on.

      BTW, all of this information, of how to make a report, is also listed in the FAQ section of this forum.

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