SUGGESTION - "All countries All in" event

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  • SUGGESTION - "All countries All in" event

    I couldn't find a 'suggestions' forum, so I'm putting this thread here.

    So I came up with a good idea. I actually got this idea from my friend, who plays Call of War 1942, another Bytro game. He says that CoW often has events called "All countries All in" where basically you can play as any country on the map. So I thought, it would be a great idea for NWE to hold an event like this, especially since there are lots of AI countries on the map. If NWE made this event, it would allow players to play as the AI countries as well as the 30 'player' countries. This would also give veteran players a challenge; they can attempt to win the map while starting off with - say, a 5-province country. The only AI countries on this map would be the 14 countries that have to be explored to be reached (Nogai, Timurid, Ethiopia, Alodia, Songhai, Kongo, Mutapa, Shoshone, Wichita, Iroquois, Shawnee, Aztec, Inca Empire, and Shetlands). Otherwise, any other country can be played as.

    P.S. I understand that it is hard to make games with large numbers of players, so maybe they could make it so that only a certain number of players can join each round (for example, 100, like in CoW)
  • Not the first time I've heard of this 'suggestion'. It is a good idea, but won't work currently as BYTRO is set up.

    The problem has to do with how the NWE game was set up, so I hear, but I'm not a programmer, so can't really tell you for sure one way or the other.

    The following I've not heard through 'official' channels, but seems to be how it is, that I have heard 'unofficially'.

    The game was 'set' for a certain number of possible locations for a possible nation to be 'active'. The way the code was written it would require a massive undertaking of re writing code to allow for what you are suggesting. Ergo lots of man hours.

    With few exceptions, such as tournament play, very few games get the numbers to fill such a game on a regular basis. They aren't going to start such a project on the hope that it will bear fruit. Many games never even get filled to be considered to be a game that is legal. For example I usually play as many as 6 games at a time, and one I'm in right now, doesn't have the minimum numbers of to be counted, among the ranked games.

    Because of this BYTRO doesn't want to spend the resources necessary to re write that code. We simply don't have enough active players. Also too often folks quit early. Such games make it far less likely that a player will spend real world money to get gold to make things work for them.

    Now if we get more players involved in playing the game, and if they stayed through to the end, then maybe we'd get that code done. In other words the players have to show to BYTRO that it's a worthwhile thing to do.
  • I know there is a tournament right now, I am taking part in it :)
    But even this tournament has a normal rules - as many players as want to play
    And what I meant was to have as many players, as there is playable countries, and "start when full"

    Aragon, Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Brandenburg, Bulgaria, Burgundy, Castille, Crimea, Denmark, England, France, Hejaz, Hungary, Ifriqiya, Lithuania, Mamluk, Morocco, Muscovy, Naples, Netherlands, Norway, Novgorod, Ottoman, Palatinate, Poland, Portugal, Savoy, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden, Teutonic Order, Toulouse, Ukraine, Venice

    Imagine that tension ]:->
  • I can imagine it. I think the problem is in game design. While I am not certain of this, I do know that games can ONLY be run often by the rules as they are set up.

    I believe this goes back to what I said earlier. They may NOT be able to set it up like you want, simply because the game isn't designed to work that way. It may be to get it to work the way you want it to, will require changes in the code in the computer language of the game, to make that work.

    To get a better answer you may have to write directly to Dr. Leipreachán, to find it out for sure. I know he doesn't read every post for things like that, and you may have to ask him directly?
  • Crazy-Krauthead wrote:

    Marzohnne wrote:

    birdman66 wrote:

    What might be possible is a tournament under Elite AI settings so that all countries would be active. That could get interesting.
    Ask Dr. Leipreachán. That's your best bet for finding out if it's possible?
    As a member of the supportteam, cant u ask him in skype?:)
    Not in Skype, but I have mentioned it to him in Discord. Even so, me asking him, is just me asking and relaying something to him. It carries MORE weight, if you make the effort.

    I think I bother him enough too much already. :).