How to Go to War with Elite AI Countries That Have Shared Maps

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    • How to Go to War with Elite AI Countries That Have Shared Maps

      Is there a "protocol" for going to war with Elite AI countries that have shared maps with me?

      In some cases I initiated RoW early in the game and the Ai countries have gone "above and beyond" and issued shared maps (which I have not reciprocated).

      In other cases without having initiated RoW, I have received first Row and later on shared maps with AI countries that I may eventually go to war with.

      Is there a "protocol" that should be followed such as moving from Row to peace and then from peace to embargo, etc. ?

      I'm at 50% worldwide morale at the moment and only about a quarter of the way through the game, so for certain I do not want to 'irritate' the AI pollsters and start getting attacked from all sides.

    • I am not privy to how the programmers have set the game up in this regard. I do know that for far too long in the game, the AI nations were simply pushovers, half the time not even building troops for the first several days.

      These AIs seem to operate from the viewpoint, if you attack someone, then you're a warmonger and must be restrained in some way. Ergo, I think their morale vs. you, in attitude to how they treat YOU goes down world wide, when you start stomping on others. As in when you're normally trying to take a lot of territory, they get busy and ready for war, and ready to go at you if you come close, because now they don't trust you.

      But like any normal situation, any country can be given time where their morale will improve with you over that time, so long as you're peaceful. I think the key is make your attacks. Then wait a few days, and allow things to go back to 'normal' relations. Then go expand again. Then again after taking out one or two opponents, allow things to cool off, before continuing.