Making the world a better place

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    • Making the world a better place

      Greetings, Kings & Queens,

      today’s update is all about the small things that make a big difference. To allow for the best possible playing experience we have focused our efforts on fixing bugs and adding a number of highly requested features to the game. Jump back into your games now to check out all changes:
      • Added CTRL-F search feature for army, province, country, or player.
      • Added a number of useful Hot Keys (e.g., to access menus, select units etc.). Find the full list in the newspaper.
      • Improved rallypoint pathfinding.
      • Added naming option for First Rate ship.
      • Added "no damage" warning popup when an attack with no effect is issued.
      • Added info about attack/arrival times and current state to mouse-over tooltip for units.
      • Improved the overall playing experience by fixing a number of bugs.
      We hope you like the changes and are looking forward to your feedback.

      Your New World Empires team
      Felix / Alkyonor
      Community Manager
      Bytro Labs GmbH
    • Good update, the combat timer added to battles is nice. I'm not sure it works for naval battles though. I just had a naval battle and hovered, and it didn't come up. However, I also had a land battle where it didn't come up immediately but I moved the cursor around until it did. So, maybe it is working for naval battles and just wasn't registering for some reason. Too bad I don't know the reason, otherwise I could suggest a fix for it. The fact that it works at all is nice.

      A game clock in the newspaper (not just the countdown) would be nice too. Or maybe it could be in the resource bar.

      Sometimes when I do a "split army" command, not all of the units in the army are visible. (using Chrome). If I close it and issue the split command again, they all show up. Or, at least, I think they always show up on the 2nd try. if the units I want to see aren't there, I close it and reopen it, which seems to work.

      I like the rallypoint pathfinding. Perhaps it should also have noncombat or land units in the sea avoid known enemy fleet locations.

      I wish all units could be named.
    • Oh, and I am afraid this is related to the update, but I just did a multi-settlement rally point setting (selecting cities in province view, then removing rally point, and setting a new rally point) and one of the cities didn't show the rally point path. (Sivas, in the east edge of the Ionian peninsula.) I think it starts off as Ottoman. Anyway, only half of its path showed. Then when I clicked on a different city, the other half of Sivas's rally point showed (it shouldn't have, it wasn't selected anymore). I don't know if the rally point is going to work or not.