Colonizing - How to win by it.

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    • Colonizing - How to win by it.

      Too often I see folks who try to win, often by combining several strategies, and in effect they try to do too much.

      For me, I tend to try to win by colonization, simply because the game is designed to work this way, and with a full map of 30 players of generally equal skill, it's the one way you can win, without getting everyone in the world wanting to kill you. Because the other way that most folks try to win is by conquering everyone else.

      A lot of folks do this and they're good at it, but it's not really historical, so I try to stay away from doing it. The other thing is, that the better you get at stomping folks into the ground, the more likely more folks will go out and find something else to do, and that doesn't promote the game's survival.

      To win by colonizing is a finesse move, while conquering is a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer is faster, but I've gotten so I can stop those with the sledgehammer, and still win by colonizing.

      Essentially, one must expand somewhat, to at least 40-60 provinces around their capital area, to give them a good base of operations to build from. Economy early is KEY as you must conquer some territory and then convert them all from occupied, to non core and then core provinces to get the most value out of them.

      Conquerors tend to look the same as Colonizers at this point, but they will keep going, taking more territory, and only convert their occupied territory to non core. This leaves them open to raids deep into their territory, as such raids can cause them to lose control of their empire. Full conversions give you more income, and are far less likely to revolt should they come under attack, and will be difficult for another empire to fully subjugate your empire.

      The trick is to build up, and then build up defensively, while getting explorers out, and then colonists out to settle in new territory. The trick when building up a colonial empire is only occasionally converting a province to non core and then core, and doing so ONLY to establish effectively a colonial capital. This is not a real capital, but it can simulate such by building a province up to non core, settle to level 5, core it, then build up to 7 and then build a UNIVERSITY. The province can then build colonists, admins, explorers in it, allowing you to use it as a forward base, and not having to take long periods of sending people from your homeland to arrive and to settle a new area.

      In a game where you have active conquerors you will need to build up tech in fortresses, and combat units. I use Colonial units extensively, as I have mentioned in other posts, as these take only a single population, while regulars take 2, and mercenaries take 3.

      I am actually in such a game right now, where I have level 3 colonials (and working on tech 4) and level 3 forts, ringing my borders of my core area, while still expanding a bit military, and pushing my colonization. I will probably win in about 5 days. Conquerors tend to grow by addition but Colonizers tend to win by multiplication.

      By this I mean, a conqueror has to go out and take more territory all the time, adding more area, and having to spend a fair amount to add in more areas gaining about 100 victory points a day.

      But a colonizer can win faster, because of how the victory points are accumulated. Trade Centers in a colony at max size are worth 18 points, and they go up the last 10 points in about 36 hours of build time, PER PROVINCE. When a colonizer has about 75 or more colonies all going up from TC 2 to 3, he can gain 750 points over 2 days.

      So the point is to then hold off conquerors long enough, to get your colonies going, to outpace your opponents.

      So good luck, and good hunting!

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