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    • New to New World Empires

      Dear community of New World Empires,

      Hello! I have stumbled across this game after a few years of playing some of the other games under the Bytro umbrella. Call of War, Supremacy 1914, Conflict of Nations, and Tesla Wars; I am new to this game and find some of the features I was expecting to see missing. I notice there is no coalition, alliance, or cooperative sort of ingame partnership you can make in this game, unlike the rest of Bytro's games. Through the diplomacy menu I see it is of course possible to do the standard par for the course shared intelligence or right of way in place of formalized allegiances, but I have learned in the other games to almost never trust those so are they the only way to make an alliance? I guess my only other note is unlike the other games there is no notification center to read what has been happening so it makes it hard to keep track of what I've done and what I still have to do, is there a way to see this or no?

      Thank you for your time,
    • Alliances exist in the game and in the basic framework as a group you can apply to join. My own alliance I limit to killers, or folks who have won at least one game, though I have made one exception.

      If you want a built in alliance, you can join one of these and then ask your leader to set up a challenge match with another alliance.

      Alternately in game, you can set up, under the diplomacy menu and then either send messages to other players in the game.

      Finally a third option is a player can do, is set up for groups of players for a game with each group being in a binding alliance, where they cannot attack one another, and every player who joins will randomly be put into a group.
    • Ah my apologies, I should have been a bit more clear with my language yes I found the alliance system and discovered this is one of the Bytro games that does not require premium subscription to found one so I did so. I was more so inquiring if there was a system of “Coalition” in a physical game match, but after reviewing the game settings and also creating a game menu it seems yeah that formalized in-match pacts only exist for alliance games or the group style you mentioned. I have also sent messages to other players but it certainly seems games are much quieter than they are in other Bytro games, not much going on in Newspaper or responses. Still, though, enjoying the breath of fresh air from a new strategy game that follows the basic Bytro formula still. Thank you for your help by the way!