What actually Besiege is responsible for? +Strength calculations

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    • What actually Besiege is responsible for? +Strength calculations

      What actually Besiege is responsible for? Units have their stats with damage to buildings, but besiege seems to be something diffrent. For example, my stack of 5 Mercenary Artillery Lvl1 has 2dmg to bulding per unit (with 90% morale it would be around 9.4dmg to buldings***), but it shows 28,1 Besiege Value, which corresponds to its strength shown as 28 (i assume its rounded up, or rounded down i should say). This strengh is shown for its best scenario attack witch is attack against Infantry minus Morale Penalty, my own calculations are, that a minimal unit dmg is 40% of its strength (otherwise battle would never end or it would take way too long), that means only 60% of its strength is affected by morale , thus my formula***: 5 Merc Arties Lvl1 at 90%, 6dmg to Infantry each, gives 30dmg at 100%, now at 90%: 30x40%+(30x60%)x90%=12+18x90%=12+16,2=28,2 (as i stated above, game shows me 28,1, so im not that far with my calculation). So those calculations are only my own observations, but its not explaining what Besiege is and what it actually do, my wild guess is, it`s a dmg done to enemy that ignores dmg reduction from fortress or some kind of extra dmg, idk ;[

      PS. Strength of this stack of arty against cavalry or artillery is different, but game does not show this, shows only one, highest value. Again, thats only my calculations, observation and assumptions ;] feel free to coment or share ur knowledge/observations.

      Against Cavalry: 5 Merc Arties lvl1 do 1dmg each, thats 5dmg at 100%, and at 90%: 5x40%+(5x60%)x90%=2+3x90%=2+2,7=4,7 strength (dmg done)
      Against Artillery: 5 Merc Arties lvl1 do 2,5dmg each, thats 12,5dmg at 100%, and at 90%: 12,5x40%+(12,5x60%)x90%=5+7,5x90%=5+6,75=11,75 strength (dmg done).

      These calculations dont include ground bonuses nor penalties, lets say its on some neutral ground for all units ;] (hills are neutral for everyone i think).