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  • How to Use this Section

    Good Day Lords and Ladies of the New World Empires,

    In an effort to assist with your gameplay and make your experience of New World Empires even more enjoyable, this section has been created for you to post any issues you have ingame.

    How to use this section? :?:
    1. Create new thread.
    2. Post as much information as possible about the issue impacting game.
    3. Post screenshots or video if needed.
    4. Wait for reply from member of the support team.
    Issues not covered in this forum section are improvements, future updates, suggestions, etc.

    :!: Note: Flags are not a game breaking issue and a known one
    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

    Feel free to check these guides;
    NWE Combat System
    A Quick Start Guide