Anyone still alive?:)

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    • This is saying a guy who spend about 1mio ducats in only one round by trying to beat me and even then get defeated, I even not spend 10% of this what you spend hypocrite. How big loser as player need to be to spend 400k ducats alone for lowering morale of my 10 core provinces from 100% to 0% 5min before new day started at the beginning of the game and even then get beated badly, you are a joke of a man, so better shup up, because this forum is not a place for spread personally hate to someone, go to psychotherapy, you really needed badly!

      Btw, everyone knows that since 3rd may is not possible to buy any ducats, everyone except you because it seems you are illiterate unable to read Bytro's announcements. So you can enter this game and show to everyone your hate there poor man, but if you didn't beat me with 1mio ducats before, so how you could do it without them? You always lose against me, so your hate is my proud :thumbsup:

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    • And when I see, that u are still going mad about it after so many years and u still know every step of my actions, it was worth the 50€! :D

      All I wanted was to make going crazy and cry like a baby, and I suceeded!^^

      Everyone in the game knew that u have no moneylimit, u pay and pay and pay till u win. So no one playe there to win that game...

      But as I see, I also left a footprint in ur brain, that u will remember me for the rest of your life, and it will always drive u mad!^^

      I used the ducats for making u cry, and u invested more than the doulbe ammount just to fix the damage I did and blamed urself to the whole server. So I dont see how I "lost" this skirmish.

      For winning tournaments I dont need ducats, as everyone can see on the starting page, even when i have to fight vs many players, the tournamentmembers know that, from u they know "other" stuff ^^ U never won a ducatfree tournament and on most ones didnt even show up, and everyone knows why ^^
      Yes we can! Make Krautland Sauer again! :)

    • Man don't waste my time, you are just boring as a shit and loser in one, this game mean nothing to me that's why I leaved already 3 years ago. It's clearly to see, that you have serious mental problems and much complex of me (probably I beaten you too hard and too many times), that's why even after 3 years you are still keeping this hate in you and need to write here on official forum of the game about your hate to me, this show only that your brain get damaged really strong, probably also because of using too much drugs...

      "All I wanted was to make going crazy and cry like a baby, and I suceeded!" - me was crying? when and why should I? You was the one who waste 1mio ducats and get beaten hardly as fuck, u made coalition against me, so it was 5vs1 + 1mio ducats in your pocket and even then you all get beaten badly in 2-3 days and I remove you all from the map so easily, because you are just a poor player, who even with 1mio ducats is not able to win the fight, all because of your low IQ and the holes in your brain, normally everyone else would be ashamed to write about it again, but not someone who suffer under mental illness like you.

      Yes I remember that fight pretty well, because I never meet in this game such a jerk who would spend 1mio ducats only to try to beat me, this makes me proud and it was one of the best game of mine, because if anyone can imagine that in just few minutes suddenly because of your usage of ducats and lowering of moral of all my provinces to 0% I lose 8/10 my core provinces and I remember how all your dogs was happy and celebrated already the victory with you and then suddenly I turned the whole situation and fuck you all so strong, that after this tournament you left the game and just disappear, I thought you're gone forever, but I didn't know that you will coming back like a rat under the new name (the old your name was Great Dictator), this show only how strong you get beaten by me, that you even change your name and still keep in you so much hate to me, so painful it was for you.

      "I used the ducats for making u cry, and u invested more than the doulbe ammount just to fix the damage I did and blamed urself to the whole server." - why are you now lying asshole? you was the only one idiot for the whole game who spend 1mio ducats in one round, I would never spend so much, for me was enough 10% of this amount what you spend to beat you hardly, this is what is called as intelligence, something what you don't have much in your brain.

      "U never won a ducatfree tournament" - of course I won, but you are ignorant and liar who is just trying to twist the reality and when I won then you was calm and didn't say anything, same like with usage of ducats, you spend 1mio as the only idiot in whole game and now saying that I spend double, this show only how deep is your mental illness, because you start to create your own fake facts and fake reality just to conform your brain and to feel yourself better and not as that who you really are - a completely loser.

      So now it's enough writing with idiot, I will not waste any more second for such a scum like you. You are just piece of shit and nothing else, same as human like as a player, in both cases just a pathetic loser who is crying on forum.
    • You the best player? Hahaha, what a joke... you are and stay in the history of this game as that idiot who spend 1mio ducats by trying to beat me, who get defeated and after even change own identity and start the game with the new name like a rat, because a shame was so huge :D

      Explain me and to all here how it's possible by this amount of ducats to lose the game at all? When I think how desperate and poor player need to be to spend 400.000 (!) ducats only to sink moral of every of my core provinces from 100% to 0% (this is 40k ducats for province!), I never saw something like that before and then you buy also immediately lvl.7 by all your provinces + fortress in every of them and ofc maximal army and then you lose - hahaha, why, explain why?

      You was hoping, that all my provinces will revolt, but it happened only by 8 of 10, so 2 still left and all what I need to do was to buy mercenaries (380 ducats pro unit) , army capacity at that time was by 85, so I bought 28 units for 10k of ducats, I buy them one time, second, third... and then suddenly you has been beaten hahaha, because tactically you are just zero and you even don't know how to move your troops properly, you spend about 1mio ducats in that round and me with a low costs of maybe 50k for mercenaries beat you badly, this is saying everything about your quality of playing.

      You won a tournament, oh really and why? Because not one strong player was on board there, hahaha

      Ofc you don't want to enter the new tournament now, even you know I don't have 1 ducat, because you know exactly that you will get beaten again like everytime when we met on map, with or without ducats you lose everytime, because you are just born as a loser with very low IQ :)

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    • No one asked? You was the one who throw the stone as first and opened ducat topic here not me, it's look like u have schizophrenia, so only u are the one who have here a big problem, because u are mental sick, I'm just answering on ur ridiculous accusation

      The facts are, that everytime we fight on map u was the one who start to use ducats to try to take advantage and I just response with same and beating u with ur own weapon. I don't remember one game when u was playing without usage of ducats, that's why is ridiculous when ppl like u accuse the other of that what they did always, u are just mental sick hypocrite and loser. Always people who accusing me of using ducats are this one who use them as first against me and then get beaten like u, just lowest art of rats.
    • maraudingscot wrote:

      Please no petty arguing on here. Let us enjoy the last few remaining months of this wonderful game that we have all enjoyed playing of its life time.

      Petty arguing and spitting out of dummies does not do you credit.
      We cannot enjoy with this game, because since yesterday 3pm the game is not playable (not possible to recruit units or build anything in towns), as Senior Game Operator can you inform someone of Bytro to repair that bug? Many players are still in game and that's ruin all games which are running now.
    • maraudingscot wrote:

      Please no petty arguing on here. Let us enjoy the last few remaining months of this wonderful game that we have all enjoyed playing of its life time.

      Petty arguing and spitting out of dummies does not do you credit.
      Always shifting arround the problem instead of fixing it like here again IS the MAINREASON, why the game will be shut down on 31st July. But hey, go ahead, Illuminati likes this^^
      Yes we can! Make Krautland Sauer again! :)

    • Thank you maraudingscot for responding before I could get to it.

      I really would have hated to have to ban anyone at this stage in the game.
      (though with the way the game is failing to work right lately, don't know if it would take) :)

      As for the issues, Management is fully aware of the problems & is working on it.
      Remember, I still play this game (too much) and they knew from me about 18 hours ago.

      NWE Moderator

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    • @Mahrzone yeah I agree, at this point of the game its useless anyway, but a harder hand in the past may have been better. But sure that still wouldnt have any effect on the fatal patchpolitics of Bytro. In all their games theres a 1 hour combattick, people like that so they can play the game in breaks between school lessons or in their lunchtime and leave the game alone.

      I remember how the community was upset as they changed to a 30 minutes tick whoch no one wanted but bytro still made it cause they thought it will make the game more successfull, instead many players left the game.

      They never cared about what the comunity wanted.

      Also the decision, to make never an app of erven the game compatible to a smartphonebrowser was fatal in my eyes, when i hear how many players desperate try to play with their smartphones in hard battles when they are at work or at school.

      As i was GO i asked how the playersfeedback we get together in this forum go to bytro.

      Alkyonor told me, that they have 3-4 meetings a year to talk about NWE. Most of that time they discuss planned patches, numbers of players, money etc.

      Playerfeedback ONLY comes into the discussion, if there are still some minutes left to discuss this. And that there will only be discussed, what Alkyonor thinks is worth to be discussed, and he didnt follow most of the gamediscussions of players in the forum.

      So u see, all that talking here is useless, in best case less than 10% gets to bytro, if it even gets to bytro...

      As i realized that i realized, atht all the work in the forum i did to collect feedback from players of both servers was useless. In this period i played as "The Great Dictator" or "Der große Diktator", but gave this account up as the name was burned after quitting m GO job.

      Thats was the point i also stopped paying for this game, i always had a good feeling for paying premium, cuz it will help the game to get better, but tahts was an illusion
      Yes we can! Make Krautland Sauer again! :)