Beginner's guide by a beginner

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    • Beginner's guide by a beginner

      Here is some advice for beginners:

      1) Look at your position and who around you is a player and who is run by the AI. DO NOT attack a player first - if they are reasonably intelligent and ruthless they will either conquer you or so severely damage you that you will be behind because you will have virtually no army left. Conquer AI neutrals instead - they always spread out to defend everything.

      2) Look at your resource production - and see what you need - attack neutrals or colonize provinces that get what you need.

      3) To integrate a conquered province it a) needs to have an administrator appoint a government (2000 silver), b) be administrated up to a level 5 province if it is not (this makes conquering size 5 and above provinces preferred) (3000 goods - 4000 or 4500 silver, 1000 manpower), c) be administrated again to make it a core province (12000 silver).

      4) If short of a particular resource or silver, sell excess resources in the market and buy what you need. Note: Manpower can not be bought.

      5) This is a game of trade offs: you need food to create armies, colonists (basically worth a minimum of 3 VP each - improving a 1 to a 2 or a 2 to a 3 has a small cost and does not need administrators), and maintaining barracks (increase manpower and actually build your units). Goods are needed to create colonists, administrators, some buildings, and to maintain your population and Trade Companies (VP building in colonies), Minerals are needed for some buildings and units. Raw materials are used in Buildings and Navy and support your harbors. Luxury Goods support provinces size 6 and up, build mercenaries, and Trade Companies, and colony upgrades. So realize that you are limited by what kind of economy you have and concentrate on making it better. Research requires everything - but basically War uses Minerals + (Goods or Luxury Goods or Raw Materials); Economy uses Raw Materials + (Minerals or Goods) ; Colonization uses Luxury Goods + (Goods or Minerals or Raw Materials) and all research costs silver as well.

      6) When attacking - concentrate into one stack all your armies not being used as a trip wire (slow down an invader so you can react) to watch another player. You will eliminate the enemy faster and take fewer casualties doing so. Once in a battle you are locked until one side or the other is eliminated - there is no retreat. So be sure you want to attack.

      7) Have patience - nothing happens as quickly as you would like in this game.

      8) Research what you need. Other than Era research to unlock an era - everything can be researched later (e.g. University is always available to research in era 1 economy - if you are in era 4 - you can still research era 1)

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    • I did not read it as good as Ithough as Ithought. xD

      What I wrote here is about regular investments, not on researches.

      I do not have a clue about whether or not you get everything you invested in a research back.

      It is depending on the time that has gone by while producing the order you cancelled.

      Comparing it with other Bytro games, it works probably like this.

      A production timeis divided in several time parts, which also represent a portion of the resources you invested to make the production possible.

      The more of these time parts have gone by, the lesser amount of resources you receive back after you cancel a production.

      Getting back 100% of what you put in can only happen after you stopped it quite fast after you have given the order to produce. But this is offcourse dependent on the production time it requires.
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