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  • New World Empires Combat System

    War In New World Empires (A Quick Guide)

    The X-FACTOR (Not the Music Competition) .

    In New World Empires we have what is known as the "X" Factor also known as the "possibility" factor for determining battle results.
    This is a randomly generated number that adds some randomness and excitement to a battle so nothing is ever the same and always something different to experience.

    This battle calculator is a Key feature of the game coding work behind for all Bytro games, which is what makes these game enjoyable as no battle outcome is always the same and so not always predictable.

    This X-factor keeps the game fun and enjoyable as not every battle will have the same outcome.

    To declare War you will need to go to the "DIPLOMACY TAB" and select your Lucky Opponent then schange your status to "War" from the selection drop down)

    Most attacks happen automatically If your army meets the Enemy or when your reach and enter the main city of an enemy province.
    It is important to remember that if you move your army through another nation you need either RIGHT OF WAY or SHARED MAP and/or for the Admiralty SHARED INTEL if you do not have this then you will effectively declare war on the AI nation if your troops reach the main city or if a player sees your actions as hostile.

    To warn you that you do not have the right to move your army through other lands you will get this pop up warning;

    If you want to attack the other player ignore the pop up and move your units and fights will begin once you reach the other army.

    If while on your travels outside your homeland and you meet hostile forces then they will fight the hostile army and if your forces win what’s left of your forces will march onwards to the original destination.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    In your map it is possible that other players have chosen the same enemy target as you (I know great minds think alike). So if another player captures a province before you, YOUR units will continue their advancement and attack the city and so declare an undeclared war on the other player (if you were not at war)

    To avoid this I recommend you do not attack the city itself with your original orders. Instead target the enemy garrison within the city. To do this is simple select the army in the city as your primary objective and if these units are hidden with a “?” then target the flag that flies over the city.

    Although this is possible it usually doesn't differ in the result (e.g. the province is taken even if you just attack the unit). To directly attack a unit you'll have to click on attack (in the unit command pop up and then on the unit (it is highlighted when you mouse over it).) As if you give the attack command with the drag-and-drop action "you don't really see the highlighting."

    Battle Stats/Reports

    In New World Empires battle results are updated evey hour (unless you are attacking a province with no units that should be an instant win). You can find these results in the In game Newspaer The Daily Gazette;

    Another FUN Leprechán Note:
    You will often see reports like this reported in The Daily Gazette

    These are NOT Bugged Reports and they are NOT mistakes. The lost message in the newspaper is always referring to a unit which was lost in battle with a different nation. They are just summarized in that article

    War Affects Morale:
    When you declare war it does not just affect your troops it affects your nation as a whole with a War Penalty that affects morale which can affect production and province/troop morale. This pearly is -5% Morale for every country you are at war with.

    A Little Leprechán Note:
    Choose your target carefully. I do not recommend declaring war on a lot of nations as your country and people will suffer if you are fighting many wars at once.
    I hope this has helped in understanding the battle system in New World Empires.

    This Combat Guide remains the intelectual property of Dr. Leprechán ©Squigglerechán Buder Industries.For the FAQ ote: This FAQ remains the intelectual property of Dr. Leprechán ©Squigglerechán Buder Industries.iin

    Have Fun chosing your Prey!
    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

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