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    • Dr. Leprechán's NWE FAQs

      Greetings kings and Queens,

      Please allow this thread to address some for the most asked questions that players have.

      Artillery?Cannons and range?
      1. Artillery/cannons are NOT ranged. They have special strengths and weaknesses, if you use them right they are not useless ;) It would be best to see and use them as a counter unit.
      2. Artillery will not be hit that often as infantry and cavalry and can deal damage all the time.
      3. Additionally it will be the best unit in the late game against infantry
      Re-establish government?

      If you occupy a province you should send an admin and re-establish government it usually takes 11 hours. Even after establishing government there is revolt risk at the first day. After that the morale should rise high enough.

      Re-establishing government just means that the 25% morale cap is lifted, but you still have to hold it long enough until the morale rises.

      If you have discovered territory (with your explorer) and you think it would be nice to include it in your empire, send a colonist and colonize it.

      What’s the Difference between Occupied – Non-Core and Core Provinces?
      1. In NWE all the provinces you begin with are “CORE” provinces. Core production values.
      2. When you take over a province it will be a “OCCUPIED” province. Occupation is military. You send a unit and conquer. The difference is that afterwards, the province is merely occupied and so will have a high revolt risk if left without units and does not produce much unless you upgrade it
      3. A non-core province will have a production cap of -75%.
      Note: You can turn Occupied > Non-Core > Core

      Note: You can turn Colony > Non-Core > Core

      On a Leipreachán Note: Send an Admin and "re-establish government" in a Occupied province once that is done, it will become a non-core province and less volatile.

      Where can I recruit Administrators/ Colonists/ Explorer?
      These can be recruited in a province where there is a University or your Capital.

      On a Leipreachán Note: Don’t forget research for new units.

      When Upgrading provinces do I lose my Administrator/Colonist?
      Yes. When you are colonizing with Colonists and upgrading with Admins you will consume the units so you will need to produce new ones all the time

      Do I lose my Explorers after the Explorer?
      No. Explorers can be reused.

      Do I lose My Colonist after I use it?
      Yes. They are like Admins.

      How do I increase province Morale?
      1. Build up your Province.
      2. Use Ducats
      How do I Increase Resource production?
      1. Build workshops and increase their level (in resource provinces.
      2. To increase food production you can also disable unused barracks.
      3. Harbours can increase resource production (by a bit)
      4. Infrastructure can add 5% tax for lvl 1 to 30% at lvl 3.
      5. Conquer territories (you will not be handed resources on a public stage you will need to take them).
      6. Increasing your province level and of course turn Colonies > Non-Core > Core and Non-Core > Core.
      How do Increase my Cash Production?
      1. Build markets they will increase tax at 15% levl 1 50% lvl 2 and 125% lvl3
      2. Conquer new land.
      3. Trade on the stock market.
      4. Trade with other players
      Can I Demolish Buildings?
      You cannot demolish buildings on NWE.

      I have Been Made game Admin What Next?
      The Game Admin is normally the creator of the game in question, however if the original game admin goes inactive the person with the highest points in the game that is active will then become the Game Admin.
      1. The Game Admin has the powers to remove inactive players and that is all.
      2. Game admins have no control over anything else in the game and are not obliged to remove any inactive players.
      How is Combat Calculated?
      NWE Combat System (click to open)

      How is VP in the Daily Gazette Calculated?
      This is complicated but I believe it is the same as other Bytro Games (click below link to open)

      NWE Calculation of VP

      On a Leipreachán Note:
      This is what I belive to be how province morale is calculated like other Bytro games. The Daily European in this case is the Daily Gazette)

      How Does Morale Affect my Country?
      Low morale in your provinces affects your realm in different ways. It mainly leads to lower productivity. Production is important as it depends on morale. A province that has 90% morale will produce twice as much then a province with 30%.

      Low Morale can lead to revolts/Rebellions. These are where a provinces people will “overthrow” your local government and that city and its people will then choose to join a new country.

      This will be reported in the Daily Gazette and usually takes place at day change, a overthrown government and/or failed rebellion will be reported for example like this;

      Revolts can happen when morale is lower than 30% or below but will be highly unsuccessful unless it hits 25% and below and has very few troops garrisoned in the province.

      Morale rates:
      1. A high morale or green morale ranges from 100%-80% morale, where stability and productivity is at its highest.
      2. Above Average morale ranges from 60%-70% whereas stability and productivity is normal.
      3. 60% and below would be threatening and 25% and under is rebellion state (These may be out a bit but are a rough guide).
      On a Leipreachán Note: The following things help you to avoid low morale in a province:
      1. Avoid shortage of resources.
      2. Build buildings: e.g. Forts, harbours and Infrastructure
      3. All provinces next to your province will affect the moral. The provinces around your province should have high moral.
      4. The distance to your countries capital should be as short as possible. Improve infrastructure, harbours, etc. in order to decrease the travel time to the capital.
      5. The relations to other countries affect the moral of all the provinces in your country as well. So if you are at war with county you have a -5% War penalty.
      6. Having armies in provinces WILL NOT increase the moral, but they can stop revolts/rebellions.
      7. You can use Ducats to increase province morale if wanted.
      How do I Heal My Units?
      To heal your units simply rest them do not have them in battle, with land units it is best to rest them in provinces with high morale. Rest naval units at sea (keep out of battle too).

      You can also use ducats to raise morale too when units are not in battle.

      At What Rate do Damaged Units Heal?
      They should heal if you rest them keep out of battle and it is faster if in a province with high morale). The rate is 15% per day.

      What does Admiralty Give You?
      The Admiralty is the NWE Premium account and it gives you access to Ducats games for free, a special Admiralty chat, the ability to queue troops and buildings for production, and the ability to set rally points and share intelligence.

      What are Rally Points?
      Rally points for units is a great feature once one has a larger empire. Once produced, the units will automatically set off for the predetermined destination (rally point) you set.

      How Can I increase my Ducats Production?
      You cannot increase Ducat production. You can only Purchase ducats from the Bytro Shop, Win Ducats. Ducats are the games Premium Currency and get added to your war chest when purchased, earned or won to use in your different NWE maps.

      I Get a Message saying "Server state differs from client" What does this Mean?
      If you try to attack/move something that doesn't exist, it will go "Server state differs from client". This is because the server state differed from the client (aka the map is different to what actually is there).

      Zooming out, a partial refresh, or a full reload should all fix this issue.

      What is Research? - EDIT
      In NWE, there are 8 different eras of research (each research era is researchable every 6 days).

      You will need to research the era before you can research that eras research capability (Research tab is top left of game window)

      You will have 2 research slots to use.

      There are 3 research (Military, Economy and Colonialization) tabs available and many units/buildings to unlock/upgrade

      Each new unit level unlocks the next level for the next unit your produce

      What do I win if my round ends in Victory / retirement ?
      The win payout for the standard NWE map is a ratio of 1:1 VPs for Ducats, longer + larger round will therefore pay out more

      What protection does a city garrison get from a Fortress?
      The troops take reduced damage in every hour of battle, depending on the level of your Fortress. The maximum level 4 fortress will also hide the garrison from view of other nations ... only a spy can reveal what you have in your level 4 fortresses

      Is there any Sound/Music in the Game?
      No but feel free to listen to what ever you like :D

      Another Fun Leipreachán Note:
      Also if you are looking for more information visti the NWE Quick Start gude
      NWE Quick Start guide
      I hope this will start to help you on your quests to victory
      Have fun playing!
      Dr. Leipreachán
      NWE Community Coordinator

      Feel free to check these guides;
      NWE Combat System
      NWE FAQ
      A Quick Start Guide

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    • Someone suggested adding this to the thread, so here we go.


      For this go to the community pages, look to the bottom next to where it has the copywrite symbol and BYTRO LABS you will also find SUPPORT/TOS/LEGAL NOTICE/PRIVACY POLICY. Each of these you can click on for information.

      But the one you will want is SUPPORT. Click on that, find an appropriate request type, type in a subject, and then be sure to describe the issue or bug you wish to report.

      Be sure to include your IGN or in game name, and the server by number where you had the issue.