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  • New World Empires FAQ EN

    Greetings explorers!

    The purpose of this thread is to assist those with the answers to frequently asked questions. This thread is in develop over time, which means at any time it can be edited to add questions/answers. Feel free to use this as a link when assisting others in chat, or copy and paste to answer the questions asked.

    What does Admiralty provide ?

    Admiralty gives you access to gold feature games for free, [currently elite ai]
    a special Admiralty chatroom, the ability to queue buildings and productions,
    the ability to set rally points and share intelligence. Image upload for articles

    Where can I locate the tutorial ?

    The Advisors can be seen as portraits in the top right of your map screen, click on them to follow the New World Empires tutorial

    How Can I regain Troops Morale ?

    'Troops will regain morale daily at day change by a few % until they return to 100%

    What is the difference between an occupied, non-core, Core province and a Colony?
    Core province are the provinces you start out with and later those you conquer and incorporate into your nation. Occupied provinces cannot rise above 25% morale. Non-core provinces give you a 25% production of what a core province would normally produce. Colonies are provinces you have explored and sent a colonist to, they are designed for production and Victory points, they have a trade company building that increases production and victory points

    What are Administrator units used for?
    Administrators are used to establish governments in conquered provinces. This removes the 25% morale cap(that conquered provinces would have). They are also used to improve the province level or province state. This helps improve production.

    If I'm reestablishing the government on a conquered province. Will it revolt?
    There is a chance that it could. Provinces with low morale have a higher chance of revolting. Since conquered provinces have a 25% morale cap, this increases the chance of rebellion for these provinces.

    What can be done to suppress a revolt?
    Garrison troops left inside the city will reduce the Revolt Risk in your new province, infantry are better suited than cavalry for this duty.

    I need money for everything and I have run out, what do I do?

    It is important to start building markets and infrastructure as soon as possible. While upgrading and improving the resource production of your nation, it is also vital to increase money income

    What are the different units types best suited for?

    'Cannons kill Infantry -> Infantry kill Cavalry ->Cavalry kill Cannons'. Combined arms remains the most even strategy early on. If your enemy is using more of one type of unit you can design your army to counter that.

    How can I get more Building Grounds?

    Your provinces gain more building grounds per level as can be seen in this image.

    Is there any attack/defense disadvantage while troops are at sea ?

    Yes, indeed land troops at sea are vulnerable to attacks from navy units and troops placed on a beach [to fight a landing]

    What do I win if my round ends in Victory / retirement ?

    The win payout for the standard NWE map is a ratio of 1:1 VPs for Ducats, longer + larger round will therefore pay out more

    What protection does a city garrison get from a Fortress?

    The troops take reduced damage in every hour of battle, depending on the level of your Fortress. The maximum level 4 fortress will also hide the garrison from view of other nations ... only a spy can reveal what you have in your level 4 fortresses
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