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    Chat Rules

    Respectful Treatment:

    Bytro Labs provides you with a chat to communicate with other users in connection with the game and create a thriving community spirit. It is therefore absolutely essential that all users treat each other respectfully and we treat each other as we would want ourselves to be treated. In order to maintain a positive atmosphere a number of subjects are strictly prohibited. These include but are not limited to:

    • Glorification or advocation of Nazism.
    • The making of racist, sexist, homophobic or extremist statements
    • Glorification or advocation of violence, drugs or pornography.
    • The use of swear words and cursing in general.
    • Denigration of one particular nation (nation bashing)
    • This also applies to links or quotes which distribute such content, or identifying with their ideas.

    Discussions that deal with politics, ideology and similar controversial topics are to be performed with extra care and with sensitivity. Such issues can quickly lead to bitter disputes, and moderators will stop the discussion if they feel it is about to escalate or has escalated.

    Also, use of abusive, obscene or suggestive in sexual/offensive nature, to include abbreviated or contracted statements or phrases, is a violation of the chat protocol and warnings/expulsion from the chat for their use will result.

    Illegal Names:
    Bytro Labs prohibits the use of names which are linked to the Nazi regime, other dictators, terrorists and other criminals. Similarly, names that link to organisations with which the illegal names were associated to are also banned.

    Anyone found using an illegal name in chat or forum will be banned from said areas and invited to change names by staff. Once the name has been changed the ban will be lifted.

    It is strictly forbidden to publish or otherwise reveal any correspondence between game support staff and players as well as any private communication between players. This includes any message sent via the in game systems, forum and community systems. Communications in the Chat facility are not included EXCEPT for whispered messages.

    If you wish to make a communication categorised as private by the above mentioned criteria accessible to the public then the consent of all participants is required beforehand.

    All staff and players are to respect the privacy of all New World Empires users and are prohibited from disclosing any personal information (real name, address, phone number, email address etc) without the prior consent of the person in question

    Troll is the term used to describe a user who focuses on violating chat rules or accepted norms of good taste and appropriate behaviour by making inappropriate posts or creating disruption in the chat channels.

    This behaviour can sometimes take a form that is difficult to anticipate, it may focus on absolutely random statements, pointless arguments, imitating staff members, spreading innuendoes about players or staff members. As such, a staff member may feel that the behaviour or language of certain players is having a negative impact on the chat channel and may therefore feel obliged to take appropriate action to counter this.

    It is sometimes the case that a staff member is not monitoring a particular channel when this kind of behaviour has broken out. In such an event it is best to simply ignore this behaviour as reacting to it usually encourages the offender. This is commonly referred to as “Not feeding the Troll”

    Discussion of Staff Actions:
    At times a player may not agree with the actions taken by staff. In that eventuality the player is to refrain from commencing an argument in a public chat channel and should instead use a private message or whisper to the relevant staff member or another staff member if required. Similarly it is also prohibited to discuss, in public, the actions taken by a staff member against other players. This can be done in private.

    In the event that a player is not satisfied with the staff member’s reply he can appeal to a senior staff member and ask for the situation to be reviewed. A player may challenge whether or not action was appropriate or if the action taken by the staff member was disproportionate to the offence.

    Meetings or complaints about warnings, kicks or bans, if this is felt to be needed, are done by using the PM-system to discuss with the moderator that issued the kick/ban. It is not permitted to discuss the decisions of the moderator team in public as is the discussion of warnings, kicks and bans.

    Should moderators exceed their authorities assigned by these statutes, affected users can complain to the Senior Moderator (Whitetiger89). If the user has further complaints, these can be addressed by contacting the Main Administrator (Mr.Dutch) via PM.

    If there is still a need for clarification, the user can contact the Community Manager with his complaint.

    Chat Language:
    The specified chat language is English. Use of any other language is prohibited. There is a chat channel available in the German language and a user may chose that language channel by clicking on the flag icon on the top right hand of the main page. No other language in chat is permitted.

    For the purposes of the chat channels spam is defined as, but not limited to:
    • Empty or no grammatical structure
    • Strings of characters which do not constitute words or a sentence
    • Constant repetition of word or characters
    • Overuse of uppercase characters (Caps), smilies or other special commands
    • Message flooding, sometimes referred to as ‘scrolling’
    • Basically a post should contribute to the topic and be self-explanatory.
    Advertising other online games:
    The deliberate advertising of other online games that compete directly with New World Empires in terms of game genre or subject matter is forbidden. This excludes other Bytro Labs games.

    The discussion about existing or future accounts in such games is also prohibited.

    This is punishable by a temporary or permanent removal from the chat.

    Instructions for cheating:
    All information / instructions on how to use multiple accounts or commit other violations of the Terms and Conditions are prohibited.

    File Sharing Tools etc:
    Discussions of torrents and file sharing tools and links to such tools are prohibited.

    The public naming/denunciation of users with whom you have personal conflicts:
    Allegations, which can damage or ruin the reputation of other users/alliances, are strictly prohibited in the chat channels. This is necessary to prevent a possible witch hunt. Likewise publishing player blacklists or links to such lists is prohibited.

    Denunciation of the game operators/the game:
    Posts which speak ill of Bytro Labs, its staff (professional and volunteer) or the game or that could deter new players are strictly prohibited in the chat channels as is the agitation against features of the game, especially to Ducats, Admiralty and their users is strictly prohibited.

    Answering or quoting posts that violate the chat rules and/or Terms of Service:
    Answering a post that violates the rules simply extends the existence of the violation and should be refrained from. The citing or copying of previous violations can be punished as hard as the actual violation. Moderators do not have to specifically indicate an additional warning to it or warn individual players.

    Moderators can issue advice that the current actions or topics in chat channel are, in their consideration, inappropriate.

    It is entirely in the remit of a moderator to apply his judgment to the situation and decide if it is impacting negatively on the atmosphere that Bytro expects in its chat channels or on other users in said chat. Whilst the rules above are comprehensive they cannot anticipate every eventuality, hence the need for a moderator to make a judgment call.

    A moderator may direct that the topic be changed or some other action be taken. Once a moderator has given direction any disobedience to that direction is grounds for an automatic kick.

    A moderator may give one or more warnings based on his judgment of the situation. A moderator may also take into account whether the offending player is a persistent offender and may move to kick or ban without any warning. This is particularly relevant if the offender has previously violated the same rule.

    Application of Criminal Law:
    It should be noted that violations of criminal laws made via any of the games communications systems are also subject to criminal prosecution and will be brought to the immediate attention of the relevant authorities for their action.

    Prohibited “deputy mods”:
    Disciplinary actions by users which lie within the scope of the duties of the moderators and the demanding of bans are frowned upon and may result in a warning or temporary disabling. Should a user wish to express their concerns then they should do this via whisper.
    Field Marshal Dan
    Community Coordinator
    EN Community Support
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