Question of Wolfpacking

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  • cases are evaluated as and when they are reported.
    Below I have quoted the written rule we apply for wolfpacking, please see where it refers to Game Admins and ongoing conflicts.

    Field Marshal Dan wrote:


    Because the Game Admin/Game Host function is often abused and some players behave unfairly, the following rules are effective immediately to guarantee an enjoyable gaming experience for all players:

    It is not allowed to abuse the position of Game Admin to get new allies into the game during an ongoing conflict with other active players. It is also forbidden to join a game just to get another country an excessive advantage or to damage another player/country
    Currently the Wolfpacking rule means the following;

    It is not allowed for the game admin to kick inactives to invite friends to help him out

    It is not allowed for players to invite friends to help them out (if slots are still available)

    It is not allowed to join games just to help someone out.
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    Field Marshal Dan
    Community Coordinator
    EN Community Support
    Bytro Labs | New World Empires
  • To answer specifically the question about alliances STARTING a game together, this does not constitute a wolf pack situation. Player made chose to join a game or not. The issue arises where players are already engaged in the game and the parameters of it are effected by an intentional player(s) addition that effects the game dynamic and potential outcome.