Field Marshal Dan Intermediate

  • Member since May 19th 2016

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  • Yetzer Hara -

    Hope you're still with us Dan!

  • Albrecht.von.Roon -

    Hello Dan,

    If you read this please contact me by PM our Skype, it would be great ;) .

    Greetings from a old friend,

  • Deaf_Eye_Ant -

    Chatters V ... FMD = COup détat ?
    Please check in to your game.


    • Field Marshal Dan -

      I am currently only running a staff test round.
      I am not in any game (diplomacy will show me as inactive)

    • Deaf_Eye_Ant -

      Yes. Your status shows as inactive.
      It was just that we (at least two of us) did not expect that to happen.
      My message was a courtesy in the hope you may rejoin.
      I expect (by your comment ) that won't happen, but I would do the same for any who 'may' have dropped from the game accidentally.

    • Field Marshal Dan -

      appreciated. thanks.
      I left because I could not afford ($) to compete in that round.. but lets say no more about that subject ;)

  • Taldemac -

    any chance I can get an invite to the chatters IV game? Know I am late but I have an open slot--i.e. no real game going right now. Doesn't matter where I start, if I get stomped I get stomped ;)

  • Taldemac -

    I just left an alliance, and trying to join the alliance I am fighting against. How do I do this? The system will not allow me to rejoin either the alliance I left nor the one I am trying to join. There is a semi active alliance fight going on right now, but we have no chance to win and I just basically left it. What do I do?

  • Kevinflopsy -

    Hi, My Game Is Not Loading Either, I Have Also Tried To Activate My Account. I Have Asked For The Nine Digit Pass Code Twice And Nothing Has Come Through

  • mrinex -

    i did not get an invite to your game

    • Field Marshal Dan -

      Hi mrinex,, a few guys are late so there was maybe chance on your 1st choice nation. so we did wait... but have added you now without further delay.
      Sorry for delay and refresh your 'Games' page now to see the CHATTERS MAP!

      Have fun :D

  • Dr. Leipreachán -

    Nice to see you Dan enjoy NWE :D