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  • Pexe_Branco -

    Quando vão arrumar o jogo?

  • Giangaleazzo -


    I've been having trouble finding where to report a game bug for 2704257 (units are not upgrading for Novgorod after the research was completed), so if this isn't the best place to do so, please redirect me.

    Thank you.

  • King Phillip -

    Dear Mr Dutch,

    I hereby wish to apply for the position as Moderator.

    I have been playing New World Empires for so long I cant remember which came first - the chicken or the egg. I have never "officially" been a moderator however I have been a great independent support moderator in numerous online games/worlds including Anno and Tribal Wars I and Tribal Wars II, not to mention 1914 and Conflict of Nations. Many of these games requires alliances and especially Tribal Wars required large scale Tribes on and off games to manage and keep happy.

    I am very comfortable with the game mechanics and would be happy to support a new player through it.

    Why would you select me - simply because Taylor Swift is not a real singer.

    Age? Old enough to know if Annie is OK, and where I will be if I walk 500 miles... young enough to realise that Nicki Minaj is the best rapper and Justin Timberlake never needed the rest of Nsync

    I seldom use skype if at all - so good luck on that - ben yorke (

    Looking forward to your response.

    PS I will be in the USA from next week for 2 weeks.

  • TarquinTheDark -

    Hello Mr. Dutch, am I too late to join Battle Royale?

    • Mr.Dutch -


      The battle has already started so it won't be possible to join anymore.

      We will host simular battles in the future, make sure to follow the website to follow our community events!

  • King Phillip -

    Battle Royal - Hi Dutch can you add me to the game.

  • Milan the Great -

    Hi, how can I join the new game - Battle Royale (starting on 10th August)?

    • Mr.Dutch -

      I wrote you a PM on the NWE homepage. Please confirm this is you and i'll send you all the required information.

  • King Phillip -

    What ever happened the the BUG Report?? How do we get the devs to rework the pages so we can at least scroll left and right through cities and not open the main panel?

    • Mr.Dutch -

      What bug are you refering to?

      Whenever I open a city, I can switch between them with the arrow keys.

    • King Phillip -

      I dont have that switch - I have to close every city screen manually and go back in the main screen to click on the next city...

    • King Phillip -

      Can you screen grab me what your screen looks like

    • Mr.Dutch -

      When I select a city, and press my arrow keys (left and right) this is what happens.

    • King Phillip -

      Do you use a ctrl function - my screen is similar - however there are no actual arrows to click left or right - other than physically clicking every city - in your pic it looked like you were "tabbing" or ctrl through yours?

  • franmontijo -

    hola, me gustaria participar en las batallas

    • Mr.Dutch -

      Hola, la participación ya está cerrada. Esté atento a nuestro foro y a la página de noticias para eventos comunitarios múltiples

  • Eoch -

    where i can join to turnament?

    • Mr.Dutch -

      You can sign up here:…hip/&postID=8852#post8852

  • Franmontijo -

    Hola,quisiera participar en los torneos sin ducados,como lo puedo hacer?

    • Mr.Dutch -

      You can sign up here:…hip/&postID=8852#post8852

      Please state your name and that you will agree with the rules in that thread, or state here below that you agree to the rules with your username

    • franmontijo -

      acepto las reglas



  • Albrecht.von.Roon -

    Welcome to the forum buddy!